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25 Best High Protein Snacks for On the Go | Man of Many
We all know that protein is an important nutrient to include in our diet to help us thrive and stay healthy, but what is it? Protein is a macronutrient that comes in many different forms and is the most important macronutrient for muscle, tendon, organ and skin growth. Protein is made from molecules called amino acids, some of which your body is capable of producing naturally, but others must be supplemented through food and diet. These are called amino acids. There are three main types; fibrous proteins, globular proteins and membrane proteins. Protein sources include animal proteins like red meat, plant proteins like lentils and chickpeas as well as protein supplements. Protein also helps fuel the production of enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones that are vital for cognitive brain and muscle function. Overall, protein is a combination lot of things and something we really need!
What is Protein?
Making sure you’re getting enough protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. This is because proteins play a key role in the creation and maintenance of every cell in our bodies. It is also important for oxygenation, as red blood cells contain a protein compound that carries oxygen throughout the body. It also aids digestion, as half the protein you consume each day goes into making enzymes that aid in digesting food and making new cells and chemicals for digestion. Protein is therefore important for overall health, having huge fitness benefits like reducing muscle loss, building lean muscle and regulating healthy hunger patterns.
Why is Protein important?
We should make sure we are filling our diets with plenty of protein as it is an essential nutrient for a healthy diet and perhaps the most important. The Dietary Reference Intake is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This means the amount of protein we should be consuming each day differs. However, for the average sedentary man his means 56 grams per day.
How Much Protein Should I Eat in One Day?
Now you’ve got an idea of how much protein to eat and why it’s important, it’s time to get stuck in. Here are some great food ideas you can try to ensure you’re getting that recommended protein intake.
Best High Protein Snacks
Nuts are packed with protein and make for one of our favourite high protein snacks. They also are a great source of healthy fats, so you’ll be getting two in one. This also means they’re super filling and calorie-dense, so just a handful will keep you going.
1. Trail Mix
This one may take you by surprise, but cottage cheese is high in protein, filling and a good source of calcium. We love dipping in some veggies or layering some on crisp-bread or crackers.
2. Cottage cheese
Super easy and delicious, turkey rolls are one of the best go-to high protein snacks. For those that love deli meats, Turkey is the best option if you’re looking for meat packed with good-macros. Wrap it up in bread for some extra carbohydrates.
3. Turkey Roll-ups
This one involves a bit more effort on the cooking front, but its definitely worth it. Chia seeds may be tiny but they are packed with protein. Just add milk and some sweetener like honey and let it sit in the fridge overnight and voila! A delicious, sweet snack.
4. Chia Seed Pudding
Also fondly known as protein balls, these are always good to have on hand for healthy snacking. All you need is rolled oats, nut butter, honey and a protein powder. Combine it all up and let sit in the fridge until they set.
5. No-bake Energy Bites
Unsurpisingly, bars are an easy protein fix. Healthier to make your own, but store-bought is great if you’re short on time. Beware as they are often high in added sugar. We suggest buying organic, natural brands or focusing on body-building supplement options. Look for brands like Musashi, BSC and Quest.
6. Store-Bought Protein Bars
When making your own, you can pack them with plenty of ingredients, without the unnecessary sugar. Combine ingredients like protein powder, cacao powder, nut butter, maple syrup and some salt for one of the most delicious, high protein low-carb snacks.
7. Homemade Protein Bars
For meat lovers, Jerky is a delicious snack. High in protein as it has been trimmed of fat and dried, Jerky is made from beef, chicken, turkey and sometimes salmon. Make it at home for the healthiest jerky.
8. Jerky
Instead of ice cream, scoop yourself some unsweetened Greek yoghurt for the perfect creamy, high protein food. Its macronutrient make-up means you will stay full for a long time after a medium-sized bowl.
9. Greek Yoghurt
Edamame beans are one of nature’s favourite high protein meals. They are soybeans that are still in the pod, and we all know soy is a great source of dense macros. Soybeans are no different, steam the edamame for a warm, tasty snack.
10. Edamame
Veggies are nature’s healthy cracker and dipping them into yogurt is a top choice for weight loss. Even better, you get in another serve of veggies at the same time! Try chopping up some carrot, celery or cucumber for a great flavour combo.
11. Veggies and Yogurt Dip
A veggie favourite, black beans are versatile, yummy and super high in the good stuff! A really easy and tasty way to get your bean intake is in a simple wrap. Combine the beans with spices or have them plain, wrapped up in a wholemeal wrap for a healthy treat.
12. Black Bean Wrap
No pantry is complete without hordes of tuna cans, which makes it one of the easiest go-to foods. Rich in natural fats and omega oils, a tuna wrap is a delicious way to aid brain function and muscle development. Buying the natural, unflavoured tuna is the healthiest option.
13. Tuna Salad/Wrap
If you’ve got a few spare minutes on your hands, a hardboiled egg can do no wrong in the healthy snack department. Full of protein and almost every vital nutrient our bodies need, they are also easy to pack in your lunch box!
14. Hardboiled Eggs
A low-calorie celery stick spread with 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter is a tasty, balanced option. The peanut butter packs enough protein and healthy fats to fill you up and keep you going, and the celery adds a delicious crunch without any of that extra bad stuff.
15. Peanut Butter Celery Sticks
Whilst we prefer the idea of getting our protein from whole food sources, sometimes it’s convenient to just whip it all up in one single drink. Pick your desired protein powder and blend it with fruit, milk and ice. Add in greens for some extra veg- you can’t taste them!
16. Protein Smoothie
A single cheese slice is one of the easiest on hand high protein snacks. Cheese has a good amount of protein, as well as calcium and phosphorus. It’s a calorie-dense snack, which means you only need a small amount to fill you up.
17. Cheese Slices/String
Natures candy, nuts are easy, yummy and you can pack them in a container to snack on as you go about your day. Our favourite is almonds, small and easy to digest. Just grab a handful for the perfect portion size, or pack in a container for an easy on-the-go snack.
18. Handful of almonds
Chickpeas are a legume, and legumes are known to have an impressive amount of protein. Half a cup is a good serving and popping them in the oven gives them a crunchy, smoky flavour that makes a delicious healthy snack. They’re also high in fibre which is a bonus.
19. Roasted Chickpeas
Chickpeas also make hummus, so mushing them up and using them as a dip is another amazing option. Hummus has a delicious, earthy flavour and is extremely versatile. The best way to enjoy hummus is by cutting up some veg to dip in.
20. Hummus and Veggies
Delicious and can be added to almost anything, granola is easy to make, healthy and high in good macros. All you need to do is combine rolled oats, nuts and a sweetener like honey, and pop it in the oven!
21. Homemade Granola
A tiny snack that is abundant with protein and other nutrients, pumpkin seeds are great to nibble on between meals. They also are high in antioxidants, and the healthy fats in pumpkin seeds mean you will stay fuller for longer. All you need is a handful and you’re good to go.
22. Pumpkin Seeds
Chicken is our favourite source of meat protein. There are so many ways to enjoy chicken, but one of the healthiest ways is to poach the chicken and add it into a salad with some green leaves and a side of avocado, to boost the healthy fats and keep you going until the next meal.
23. Avocado and Chicken Salad
Everyone loves eggs and we all know they’re a great source of protein. Eggs also offer a significant dose of vitamin d, which is important as we approach the winter months. Boiling an egg and eating it with bread is a delicious snack that you can make at home that tops the McDonalds version any day.
24. Egg Muffin
Popcorn is one of the easiest foods to eat a lot of, but buying air-popped means that that’s ok! It is low carb and low-calorie which means you don’t have to resist the constant urge to have a crunch.
25. Air Popped Popcorn
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