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17 Best Email Newsletters Men Should Subscribe To | Man of Many
Confidence is probably the most integral quality among successful people and organisations, so it would practically be irresponsible of us not to mention ourselves as providing one of the best newsletters on the web, if not the best. To reiterate what we said in the opening, we love what we love. We love gear, style, culture, and design. We spend our days researching products and our nights thinking about them. We take the best of what’s around and deliver it to you every day of the week. Stop pretending you’re above it and sign up already.
1. Man of Many
Every single day there are literally millions of pictures, stories, articles, rankings, and words of advice, all pining for your attention through the use of overblown hype and good old-fashioned clickbait. Enter Mister Spoils. His goal is simple: find the most genuinely captivating pictures and stories from around the world and deliver them straight to your email box every single day. Mister Spoils is a highlight reel of what you want to see and what you want to know. It’s the best of Instagram, street style, health, and everything else that matters to you all in one convenient daily newsletter.
2. Mister Spoils
A favourite amongst the team here at Man of Many, Elevator is a follow-worthy newsletter full of all the thought-provoking eye-candy. Elevator filters out all the news news and brings you only the most compelling articles all in the time it takes to ride a few floors in the elevator. If you’re a fan of Man of Many you’ll definitely be a fan of Elevator, you might even catch some of our content.
3. Elevator
InsideHook is committed to eradicating the twiddling of thumbs from the face of the earth forever. We’re not kidding. It’s quite possible they were conceived with the idea that human boredom could be eliminated for good. Accordingly, they write only about experiences that are guaranteed to engage and products that are guaranteed to satisfy. That entails a refined survey of the absolute best in food, drink, travel, street style, health, tech, culture, and outdoor adventures. Thanks to the InsideHook newsletter, it’s quite possible you will never grow bored again.
4. InsideHook
Brought to you by the folks over at Airows this is a super simple and sweet newsletter with a focus on gear. This newsletter is a daily feed that highlights five exceptional products across various categories. You’ll find everything from the best outerwear to the best desk lamps and everything in between. Just enough to give you that injection of style.
5. Galahad
From the same fellas who bring you SHIFT and Elevator comes Blazer, the newsletter for men who care about style. Blazer sorts through hundreds of publications and social media accounts to bring you the best articles, photos, and inspirations from around the internet. They package everything into a quick email once a week, so you stay up to date with everything there is to know about fashion. What’s easier than everything being directed straight into your inbox? Not much…
6. Blazer
If you don’t know the name Kevin Rose just go ahead and Google it. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Are you done reading about all his accomplishments in tech and finance yet? Kevin takes the investigative approach to the best of all things style. He brings you the best in podcasts, product reviews, and articles on a monthly basis because finding the true cream of the crop takes a little time. And when we say the best we mean this is a style blog coming from the top down and one of the best newsletters, period. Stop missing out and go sign up already.
7. Kevin Rose Newsletter
Sometimes the top street style blogs are sustained by an adventurous personality and Five Bullet Friday is all that and more. If you’ve been living under a rock and for some reason aren’t aware of the writer/investor/TV star Tim Ferriss, think of him as the Crocodile Hunter of everything but Crocodiles, or as he’s often described the “world’s best human guinea pig”. As the resident expert on…well, just about everything, Ferriss offers the best newsletters on a weekly basis, pretty much covering all the ground you’re unable to cover yourself because your name isn’t Tim Ferriss. That means financial advice, musings on leadership, interesting bytes from around the web, the latest in style, and anything else that pops into his restless mind.
8. Five Bullet Friday
There are a few things that you’re promised from Now I Know. Firstly, the stories are going to be fresh, a little left field, and always interesting. If it’s cool facts you’re looking for, you found the right newsletter. This newsletter is a favourite amongst the team here at Man of Many, there’s nothing we love more than a few random facts! If anything, you can impress your work colleagues… we suggest you subscribe immediately.
9. Now I Know
A weekly round-up of sorts, the Gearmoose newsletter will send the best collection of gear straight to your inbox every Tuesday.
10. GearMoose
Author Dave Pell has a problem… He’s been news obsessed since a kid and ever since the realtime internet turned into a budding new addiction he hasn’t been able to control himself! Over the years, his addiction to the news has worsened. Each morning he visits fifty news sites and from that swirling nightmare of information, he plucks the top ten most fascinating items of the day and delivers them with a fast, pithy wit that will make your computer device vibrate with delight.
11. NextDraft
SHIFT is the newsletter for guys who love all things outdoors. This newsletter for men curates thought-provoking stores and images from all corners of the web and encourages men to explore the outdoors, the mind, the body, and movement. If you’re the type of man who enjoys challenging himself to improve every day, give yourself a Shift and sign up via the link below.
The Report is exactly what the name suggests, a quick 5-minute report of all the important news that you need to know. From business, finance, technology and beyond you’ll find it all in this e-mail newsletter for men. This is one of the best ways to start the day and it’s coming to you every Mon, Wed, and Friday.
13. The Report
Simply put, you can diversify your newsletter and your portfolio selections by subscribing to this newsletter. This one’s designed for men with an investment and business mindset.
14. The Water Coolest
1440 sources the best news from over 100+ publications so you don’t have to! They provide an impartial view of what’s happening in the world so you can draw your own conclusions. This is exactly the kind of news we need these days, cut the partisan views and give us the news so we make up our own mind. No clickbait, no overwhelming opinions, and no-frills. We think this is a great newsletter that everyone needs to subscribe to.
15. 1440
If you’re getting to that midlife crisis point and don’t know what to do, take a gander over to Further. This email newsletter is a free weekly email for people who want to live their best life at midlife. You’ll get the top hand-picked health, wealth, and personal growth resources delivered right to your inbox. The best part is, they won’t fill your inbox with spam.
16. Further
REDEF pulls from all over the internet to bring you the best in media, fashion, sports, music and tech.
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