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20 Best Mullet Hairstyles For Men | Man of Many

The traditional mullet haircut is defined by shorter hair at the front and sides of the head, with a much longer section of hair at the back of the head. Today, however, you will see various mullet hairstyles, each with its unique touch. Mullets today can come in the form of a perm, an afro, with bangs, and even with a fade. Due to its versatility, it’s become a popular, timeless haircut that has survived the test of time.

What Is A Mullet?

The mullet haircut has had a long and colourful history. If you go way back, the first documentation of a mullet was in the sixth century. During this time, men donned a haircut called the ‘Hunnic’, which denoted very similar features to what we know as today’s mullet. The 1970s was the beginning of the modern mullet, when stars like David Bowie and Rod Stewart started rocking the business at the front, party at the back hairstyle. This is when the mullet truly took off and was popularised in the 1980s. However, the term mullet wasn’t coined until later on when the Beastie Boys released their single ‘Mullet Head’ in 1994.

History of the Mullet

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s pretty apparent that the mullet is well and truly making a comeback. Although they may not be as widespread as in the 80s, they are versatile haircuts that work for most hair types and are timeless. Mullets are also a unisex haircut, which is why they have made a comeback in modern times.

Is the Mullet Coming Back?

There are so many ways to style a mullet, which is why the popular hairstyle is making such a comeback. The most popular ways to style a mullet include the classic, messy look, combing it back, combing it to one side or even gelling it up into spikes. With so many styling options, we have narrowed down the 21 most popular Mullet styles.

How to Style A Mullet

The classic mullet is easy to achieve and as iconic as ever. It’s quite a long haired look, so you’ll have to grow your hair out to shoulder length, and the hair on the top and front of the hair gets cut to a medium length. The back and front hair then blend together in one seamless, shaggy look.

1. Classic Mullet

A modern take on the classic mullet, this haircut is a more subtle version of the famed haircut. This means that there is less contact between the lengths of the front and the back hair. Therefore, the haircut is less of a statement and makes it easier to blend into the crowd.

2. Modern Mullet

This is one of the best mullet haircuts that pairs well with a slicked-back look. The hair at the front will need to be grown out, and then the sides should be shaved in a fade style. This look is versatile as you can fade as much as you like!

3. Undercut

A very modern twist on the mullet hairstyle, the fade takes it to a new level of trend and style. The soft fade can be made at any height according to your preferences and face shape but will undoubtedly add a fresh, modern edge to your mullet. If you want to look like you have a bit of attitude, this haircut may be the one for you.

4. Mullet Fade

A mullet with shaved sides is as about as “HEY! I HAVE A MULLET!” that you can get. This look is somewhat similar to a mohawk haircut, except the hair on the top remains flat, not spiked up. The shaved sides give the cut a fresh, badass feel. Another great thing about this look is that the shaved sides can be at whatever length you desire.

5. Shaved Sides

A daring haircut, to say the least, the French crop mullet is an interesting take on the traditional hairstyle. The party at the back is a BIG party at the back, with the hair grown out long so that it flows down past the neck. The sides are very short or shaved. This look best suits those with straight or wavy hair.

6. French Crop Mullet

The short mullet is one of the easiest and best mullet styles to pull off, as it doesn’t require much maintenance. The hair at the back is kept relatively short, so this look could almost pass as a shaggy haircut. Offering more of an average, clean cut lock, you could even rock this hairstyle in a corporate job!

7. Short

The quintessential 70s and 80s mullet style, long mullets are a classic hairstyle. Keeping the hair at the back and on the sides fairly long, is convenient as it means it works with plenty of different hair types, including straight, curly, thick and fine hair.

8. Long

The mohawk is a universal haircut that screams edgy, and combining it with a mullet creates a stylish, daring look. This is one of the best mullet looks if you’re a guy who wants their long hair on top to be concentrated in the middle of the head. You can choose to spike it, let it flow or gel it back.

9. Mohawk Mullet

New kid on the block, the afro mullet is definitely a look that you should try if you have been blessed with a luscious fro. The sides are generally faded, and the hair on top is the same length from the front to the back. Kanye West once rocked this lock, which means it’s definitely cool.

10. Afro Mullet

A blown out mullet is a safe look that is a good one to try if you’re new to the mullet game. If you have long hair, you can blow it up and backwards in a way that resembles a shaggy mullet. This look suits those with wavy, thick hair.

11. Blown Out Mullet

Wavy hair is great for most hairstyles and looks, even mullets! Having wavy hair makes for a mullet that appears effortless and stylish, all in one. It offers a relaxed look and calls for minimal styling; a simple brush over the back and the sides is enough.

12. Wavy

Bangs with a mullet is a new trend in the world of mullets and one of the best mullet hairstyles right now. Adding a statement fringe at the front is almost entirely separate from the party at the back, creating a cool, futuristic look. The fringe provides texture, layers and extra volume depending on the fringe style, and more than anything, a unique look.

13. Mullet With Bangs

The faux hawk mullet is a modern take on the traditional mohawk mullet, and we love it. The hairstyle looks like faded sides and long hair on top that is usually spiked up. This is a good look if you want a mohawk but don’t want to look too extreme, as the faded sides soften the look.

14. Faux Hawk Mullet

A beautiful combination of classic and modern makes this hairstyle effortlessly cool and timeless. The hairstyle incorporates faded sides to accentuate the longer hair on top. You need to use a matte styling product for this look to create a textured pompadour in the front.

15. Pompadour Mullet

The classic perm is another example of an 80s trend that’s making a comeback in modern times, and we aren’t complaining. Pairing the 80s perm with the 80s mullet is double-time 80s and is guaranteed to add excitement, texture and a cool vintage edge to your overall look.

16. Perm Mullet

This is another hairstyle that screams the 1980s. The feathered mullet is like a regular mullet in length, but the hair is brushed out to create a soft, feathered look. You will have to have medium or long hair for this look, and the straight and wavy locks seem to work best.

17. Feathered Mullet

Australian surfers created a look of their own with the surfer mullet, skyrocketing the mullet to an iconic signifier of Australian beach culture. Also known as a long-haired mullet, the hair on top is relatively short, with the hair at the back falling well past the shoulders. The hair is usually sun-bleached, too.

18. Surfer Mullet

If you have short hair, the spiky mullet may be the look for you. Spike up the hair on the top of the head to create volume and height. To do this, you will need a styling product that will hold the hair in place. You can spike the back of the hair, too, if it’s short enough to create a relaxed and rugged look.

19. Spiky Mullet

The side mullet can mean one of many things, which is why we love it. You can choose to part your mullet at the side, have side-swept bangs at the front, or have the hair at the back-combed to one side. It offers a trendy take on the traditional mullet haircut and is versatile enough to make it one of the best mullet hairstyles right now.

20. Side Mullet

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