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10 Best Non-Alcoholic Ciders | Man of Many

  • Best for Craft Brewing: Small Acres Cyder – Sparkling Apple and Pear Non-Alcoholic Cider
  • Best for Beer Drinkers: The Hills Cider Company Non-Alcoholic Apple
  • Best for Dry/Crisp Flavours: Bilpin Cider Co Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider
  • Best for Sweet Flavours: Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Strawberry and Lime
  • Best of Non-Alcoholic Ciders

    This list was compiled through personal experience and online research, plus through commentary from drinks critics and expert reviewers. Man of Many only looked at ciders with a rating of 4.0/5 or higher through Dan Murphy’s reviews and took into account the major gripes and positives from the public. The research also included a series of reviews from prominent critics and online publications, allowing us to cull it down to the best non-alcoholic ciders.

    How We Chose This List of Best Non-Alcoholic Ciders

    Choosing a list of the best non-alcoholic ciders to drink, there’s a lot to consider. Putting the research through its paces, this list looked at the prominent alcoholic cider brands that have dictated the market and deep-dived into their new booze-less endeavours. Additionally, there are a number of new players on the scene that have started from ground zero (quite literally) and continued to surge ahead with 0.0 per cent ABV. If you are wanting the best-tasting alcohol-free cider, we’ve got you covered.

    Best Non-Alcoholic Ciders

    1. Small Acres Cyder – Sparkling Apple and Pear Non-Alcoholic Cider

    Best for: Craft Brewing

    2. The Hills Cider Company Non-Alcoholic Apple

    Best for: Beer Drinkers

    3. Hillbilly Crushed Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider

    A brew made simple, with 100 per cent whole crushed mountain apples at altitude. Being the only cider in the world made with the Julie™ apple, you know you’re getting a truly unique cider experience. This particular apple, grown exclusively in the Tangara Nursery in Tasmania, is said to have a taste of strawberry, pineapple and a hint of pear- you could only imagine how incredible that would make this alcohol-free cider taste. The Hillbilly Crushed Apple Non-Alcoholic Cider is an easy-to-drink cider crowd-pleaser with plenty of sweetness without being overwhelming.

    4. Bilpin Cider Co Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider

    Best for: Dry/Crisp Flavours

    5. Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Strawberry and Lime

    Best for: Sweet Flavours

    6. Alpine Cider Granny Smith Sparkling Apple Juice

    Alpine Cider supplies red and green apple ciders that are similarly sweet and refreshing with a crisp, bubbly finish. Made with hand-picked Granny Smith Apples, this non-alcoholic apple cider is fabulously light, tasting both tart and sweet. We can certainly get around this straightforward crisp and carbonated beverage.

    7. Darkes Cider Little Blue Apple Cider

    Little Blue Apple Cider is a zero-alcohol apple cider that doubles as the perfect mixer for vodka or gin. Produced on an award winning sixth-generation family farm, this cider is ideal on a hot day served over ice with lime or mint. As you begin to drink the Little Blue cider, you may be fooled into believing you’re sipping a hard cider- they just don’t taste non-alcoholic. They are crisp, with just the right amount of sweetness.

    8. Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider

    From the NSW Snowy Mountains region of Batlow, this cidery is located within a sub-alpine climate – the ideal spot for growing the tastiest and juiciest apples. As you would expect, the Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider is beautifully refreshing, smooth and sweet, made with deliciously sweet Pink Lady apples. This cider is also great for those more health-conscious folk being all-natural, 100 per cent pure apple juice, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

    9. Somersby Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider

    An easy-drink non-alcoholic cider with long-lasting fruit flavours and sparkling sweetness. This Somersby release is a uniquely balanced, fruity, and sour beverage, making it an incredibly refreshing choice for your summer’s afternoon. This particular alcohol-free cider reminds of your childhood Pop Top days, only better.

    10. Bundaberg Apple Cider

    Bundaberg’s “Brewed Soft Drink” Apple Cider is slowly prepared over two days using 70 per cent apple juice. Juicy and fragrant Granny Smith and Royal Gala apples are sourced from specially selected orchards to make what is truly a premium cider. The Bundaberg non-alcoholic apple cider is deep, well-brewed and with a light sweetness and crisp finish.
    Concisely put, non-alcoholic cider is everything a hard cider encapsulates – a crisp, light, and sweet taste of fermented apples – just without the 4-5 per cent. Where there once was a stigma around non-alcoholic beverages, there is now a growing reception. The pandemic marked a dramatic shift in sales and interest in non-alcoholic beverages worldwide, which is set to grow to 31 per cent by 2024. The beer and cider sector leads the march, taking a 92 per cent share of all low and non-alcoholic market sales globally. In Australia, we designate non-alcoholic cider, however, in North America, the term ‘cider’ simply refers to any form of the liquid not containing alcohol. If drinks are looking for something that has an alcoholic twist, they might find themselves chasing a ‘hard cider’.

    What is Non-Alcoholic Cider?

    Non-alcoholic cider undergoes a similar process as its alcoholic counterpart. When using apple cider as an example, both hard cider and non-alcoholic cider begin as the raw, purer version of apple juice. Sugar is then added and the apple juice undergoes a process of fermentation that results in alcoholic cider. Therefore, alcoholic-free cider is fundamentally swanky fruit juice.

    How is it made?

    Opting for a non-alcoholic version of any beverage will always have less damage to your health than choosing the alcoholic alternative. However, according to Live Longer, non-alcoholic cider tends to have more sugar and calories then other non-alcoholic alternatives like alcohol-free beer and wine. If you’re looking specifically to keep an eye on your waistline, it is well worth looking at various brands as some are better than others in the caloric department.

    Is it Good for You?

    Non-alcoholic ciders come from a variety of fruits and therefore offer a variety of tastes. Obviously, pears and apples spring to mind when it comes to this beverage, but non-alcoholic ciders can also be made from strawberries, peaches, plums, etc. Overall, ciders can be classified from dry to sweet, and be tangy, bold, subtle, earthy or light.

    How Does Non-Alcoholic Cider Taste?

    If you’re not quite aboard the non-alcoholic cider train or you’re looking for something a little different in the booze-free scene, why not check out our articles on some of the other great drams from across the world?

    Alternatives to Non-Alcoholic Ciders

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