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Best of Men’s Signet Rings at a Glance

If you are looking to improve your jewellery game and start your journey towards A$AP Ferg (eight gold rings) territory, you’re going to need to keep an eye out for the top picks. Here, we’ve put together the best signet rings for men to wear, from now until forever.

Best Men’s Signet Rings

Best for: Statement

1. AHW Studios Atrophy Signet

Best for: Designer

2. Tiffany & Co Square Signet Ring

There is nothing too brazen about this Bevel Signet, but that might be what makes it so great. The slim, rectangle design with bevelled edges is to the point and finished simply with a stamped Cameron Studio’ CS’ logo. If you are on the market for something subtle and sophisticated, this Cameron Studios ring might be your pick of the crop.

3. Cameron Studios Bevel Signet

Another classic style is the silver (or gold) Maria Black Gordon Signet ring. It has a hexagonal face but remains slim enough to stack alongside other pieces of your current or growing collection. If you’re looking for something similar to the Tiffany & Co Square Signet but maybe slightly more affordable, this is an ideal choice. This ring also comes in a gold option for those who prefer it. For those looking for something more flashy, their Rock Signet is worth a look.

4. Maria Black Gordon Signet Ring +

Best for: Engraved

5. Maple Engraved Silver Signet Ring

This open-top Tom Wood signet ring  has class and edge in equal measure. It boasts the signature Tom Wood cushion shape and is made of high-quality sterling silver and plated with white rhodium. What this ring lacks in material, it makes up in cool. Similarly, their Cushion Open Spinel ring is open, obviously, but spotted with 28 handset black Spinel stones for added finesse.

6. Tom Wood Cushion Open

If you’re looking for a little more pep, a ring from Seb Brown is where you will get it. Their Neapolitan Ring takes it up a notch in the best way with ethereal stones. Moreover, each ring is infinitely customisable and can include a selection of your chosen gemstones, making it the perfect unisex embellishment. A particular favourite of ours in their variety is the Neapolitan Green Ring.

7. Seb Brown Neapolitan Ring

The complete casual-to-formal ring is the one from Miansai. The Olympus Signet Ring is sleek and alluring in its design, made with sterling silver and a black enamel top. This ring has class, but isn’t showy enough that you can’t safely wear it as an everyday piece. We would call it the perfect, all-occasion ring.

8. Miansai Olympus Signet Ring

Best for: Value

9. Michael Hill Men’s Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

The Bleue Burnham Rhubarb Ring is better considered wearable art than jewellery. The stem-textured and centreless ring is undoubtedly unique, with a name indicative of its inspiration. Each Bleue Burnham piece is hand-made and made to order in London. If your looking for something more avant-garde, the custard silver Rhubarb Ring is yours.

10. Bleue Burnham The Rhubarb Ring- Silver

Martine Ali’s Daisy Rectangle Ring proves that florals aren’t strictly feminine. Made in New York City with signature Martine hardware, the Daisy Oval Ring is sterling silver and stylish. A perfect option for casual daytime wearing.

11. Martine Ali Daisy Rectangle Ring

The Nialaya Signet Ring is designed and handcrafted in an LA studio, made with stainless steel and a radiant gold plating. The design comes in various stones, including Green Jade Stone, Blue Lapis, Natural White Shell, Red Agate and Brown Tigers Eye. This “hand-made in Hollywood” piece will put a classic touch on every look.

12. Nialaya Men’s Gold Signet Ring with Green Jade

Taking it up a notch, the All Blues Platform Ring has a large square face, therefore a more prominent presence on the hand. Handcrafted in Stockholm using recycled sterling silver, and polished for a most glossy finish. This is certainly one the top contenders in our eyes. The All Blues Rauk Ring in wide is another great choice if your looking for something on the bigger side, with an ultra-modern design.

13. All Blues Platform Ring

While you may have heard the term before, understanding just what a signet ring really is can be quite tricky. In its most basic form, a signet is a type of ring that identifies an individual as part of a family or club. They were originally produced centuries ago as a means of displaying nobility and status, however, over the years have been used to delineate between certain cultures and associations.

What is a Signet Ring?

Traditionally worn by influential people, predominately men, to sign documents by pressing the face which were often marked with a unique family crest, into hot wax or show belonging to a prominent family or dynasty. According to famed jeweller Natalie Marie, the moniker ‘Signet’ comes from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign”, signet rings originated amongst religious leaders and Pharaohs. They were and still are to this day, used as and considered precious family heirlooms.

What’s the Meaning of a Signet Ring?

The signet ring is traditionally worn on the little finger of your non-dominant hand. Although these days, there is no rigid rules to dictate which finger you must wear your signet ring on.

What Finger Do You Wear a Signet Ring On?

  • Material – If budget is a consideration, sterling silver will be your most cost-effective option whilst still being high quality. Platinum is ideal if you are searching for something durable or hypoallergenic. Yellow gold is higher quality than silver and is another great option for durability, often mixed with other metals to bolster its strength (yellow gold in its pure form is too soft and will bend out of shape as it is so soft). Similarly, White gold is created by blending gold with palladium.
  • Weight – According to A W Matthews Ltd, the weight of a signet ring typically varies between 6.6 – 7.5 grams. This will vary with design and material.
  • Style – Signet rings come in a variety of shapes and metals and with various gemstone and bezel surface options. This makes for plenty of style options to choose from and customise based on your taste.
  • Brand – The best way to choose a brand of signet ring is to make a choice based on your style and budget.
  • How to Choose the Best Signet Rings for Men

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