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11 Best Sneakers to Wear With a Suit | Man of Many

When it comes to choosing the best sneakers to wear with a suit, expertise is key. Man of Many remains focused on all the latest sneaker news, reviews, and more as we continue providing the best dressing information in Men’s Lifestyle. Like the best white sneakers for men, choosing the best sneakers to wear with a suit is all about simplicity, availability, and price point. While our list includes shoes that range between $100 and $600 there are great suit shoes to be found at all ends of the price range. These are our favourites.

How Man of Many Chose This List of Sneakers to Wear With a Suit

  • Best sneakers to wear with a suit overall: Oliver Cabell Low 1
  • Best for casual wear: Axel Arigato Clean 90
  • Best for formal occasions: Valentino One Stud
  • Best for streetwear style: Jordan 1 Low
  • Best Sneakers to Wear with a Suit

    1. Oliver Cabell Low 1

    These quintessential low-top Italian sneakers from Oliver Cabell are an ideal accompaniment to a suit due to their clean silhouette and leather composition. White Low 1 sneaker pairs nicely with pretty much anything; try a slim-fitting suit in navy or grey, lose the tie and opt for a t-shirt or button-down instead – it’s commonplace in the office these days.

    2. Common Projects Original Achilles Low

    Classic. There’s a reason the Common Projects Achilles low has remained a feature sneaker in men’s style books for years – they pair well with everything from suits to jeans and everything in between. In the case of suits, choose slimmer-cut trousers with a shorter break and some dark-coloured socks when rocking these. It’s best to pair the colour of your shoe with a matching suit, e.g. Black Suit, Black Shoes.

    3. Axel Arigato Clean 90

    A quality alternative to the Common Projects Achilles, the Axel Arigato Clean 90 sits at the top of the ranks when it comes to pairing sneakers with a suit thanks to their all-over smooth leather finish and rubber outsole. Like any other black leather sneaker on this list, we recommend pairing this one with a slim suit in Navy or Black. The suede hit on the heel adds a few extra style points to this classic silhouette.

    4. MYRQVIST Oaxen

    A new member of the family when it comes to shoe brands but one we love nonetheless. MYRQVIST looks to cut out the middleman and provide the customer with quality shoes at a comfortable price point. We’ve tried the Stenhammer Loafers from the brand and the quality is easily on par with pairs two or even three times the price. In the case of the Oaxen, these sneakers are perfectly designed to pair with a suit. A rubber outsole and textured black leather upper will sit comfortably under any suit pants you can throw at them.

    5. adidas Stan Smith

    When looking to pair a casual pair of sneakers with a suit we highly recommend sticking to the classics. That means looking for options such as the adidas Stan Smith, a style staple for decades we choose to pair this one with a Navy or Lighter Tan coloured linen suit. In all cases, this option is better suited to a boat party than a daily piece of office attire. Just make sure they are clean, please!

    6. Crown Northhampton Upton Wholecut Sneakers

    If you’re looking for a sneaker to wear with a suit that’s handmade, minimalist, and available in a variety of colours, allow us to introduce the Crown Northhampton Upton Wholecut. We originally considered these as nothing more than a quality Common Projects alternative, however, the one-piece leather upper, clean-cut style, and handmade nature of the shoe are enough to drag the Upton out of the CPs shadow.

    7. ZEGNA Triple Stitch Sneakers

    Trust the best suitmaker on the planet to come up with the perfect sneakers to wear with a suit. ZEGNA has been at the forefront of menswear for what feels like a century, and the Triple Stitch sneakers further the distinction between the great and excellent once again.
    While Jordan himself chose to wear a pair of 11s when he rocked sneakers with a suit on the red carpet, we recommend pairing the classic Jordan 1 with your suit, especially in the low silhouette. Choose from some of the more popular colours such as white, black, or blue for a subtle look, or step outside your comfort zone and pair brighter pinks, greens, and purples with neutral suits in the summer.

    8. Jordan 1 Low

    9. Prada America’s Cup

    It’s been years since the Prada America’s Cup was at the top of the list of most sought-after sneakers in the world, however, once upon a time these were it when it came to cool shoes. Yet to this day, the sneaker is a hit for the stylish and wealthy, with sizes disappearing faster than you’d imagine online – especially for a sneaker that asks for $1,280 at retail pricing.

    10. Valentino One Stud Sneaker

    Choosing a pair of designer sneakers to match your favourite suit is always a sartorial win for the team here at Man of Many. Valentino comes through once again with a pair of uber-luxe leather shoes that are made for wearing with a suit. We love the comfort of the rubber outsole, stud detailing and hit of classy Valentino logos on the tongue and heel. Choose a white silhouette with a splash of colour and pair these with any suit of your choice for a winning combination.

    11. Nike Cortez ‘Forest Gump’

    A list of the best sneakers with suits wouldn’t be complete without the Nike Cortez in the classic red, white and blue ‘Forest Gump’ colourway. While we wouldn’t recommend turning up to the office wearing these anytime soon, they actually pair remarkably well with a straight-cut linen suit. Choose natural linen colours or lighter tans and a matching button-up underneath to pull these ones off.
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