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8 Best Teeth Whitening Clinics in Sydney | Man of Many
ABC Dental offers some of the best teeth whitening Sydney locals can enjoy, thanks to the Opalescence and the popular Zoom whitening procedures. While the Zoom procedure is the more costly of the two, it does offer long-lasting and dramatic results but if your budget is a little tighter the Opalescence is a great option with effective and satisfying results as well. Opalescence does its magic without the aid of an LED light, delivering its results by chemically activated gel containing potassium nitrate and fluoride which will also ensure the protection of your enamel.
1. ABC Dental
Dental Lounge sees thousands of patients every year looking for a solution for their not-so-pearly whites. Using the Zoom teeth whitening treatment allows Dental Lounge to work quickly to provide you with a brighter and fresher smile up to 14 shades lighter for a great price. Patients have a choice between in-chair and take-home treatments making it one of the most convenient methods you can get.
2. Dental Lounge
Specialising in natural teeth whitening, Bondi Bright offers kosher, organic and ethically sourced ingredients free from toxins and not tested on animals. Their specially formulated gels are pH balanced and combined with LED technology to make your pearly whites dazzle up to 20 shades lighter in just one visit. No pain, safe, natural and non-toxic, it doesn’t get much better than that. Bondi Bright also does mobile visits so you can get treatments right at home, your office or hotel with no extra charge.
3. Bondi Bright Teeth Whitening
Smile Labs are the teeth whitening experts if you’re on the hunt for the best teeth whitening clinics in Western Sydney. Kick back in one of their state-of-the-art leather chairs while you get the smile of your dreams with their painless and fast treatment utilising a specifically formulated gel that’s enamel-safe and delivers maximum results. A standard session will cost you just $199 and offers a minimum of six shades lighter but if you’re really after the platinum treatment then a premium session is a perfect choice at just $249 with a guaranteed minimum of eight shades lighter.
4. Smile Labs
If you’re after a low-cost and effective way to get those pearls dazzling then Pure Smile in Ultimo is a great option as one of the leading teeth whitening clinics in Sydney. The 45-minute executive treatment is a fast procedure for when you’re short on time and need your teeth sparkling for an event or special occasion. For the maximum cosmetic strength in just one hour, the signature treatment is the perfect fit. Not only that, If you book online you can save yourself 20% off the regular price.
5. Pure Smile
Smile Bar is a dedicated addition to the list. The business’ sole focus is on teeth whitening treatments. You can start your teeth whitening journey for as low as $199 with their Triple Action package which includes 3 applications for 20 minutes each or the Ultra Bright package for $250 for three 30-minute applications. Using the maximum legal strength available you’re guaranteed instant results in just a single session. Make sure to book online for a $50 discount.
6. Smile Bar
Whitening by B is a one-woman show delivering effective and affordable teeth whitening treatments. This mobile teeth whitening clinic will service all areas of Sydney, in the comfort of your own home. Bec takes pride in her dedication to client satisfaction to achieve their desired results. In a single triple treatment, you can expect to see 5-7 shades of whiter teeth.
7. Whitening by B
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