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5 willys christmas tree farm

9 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Sydney

December is fast approaching, which means only one thing—it’s time to put up the Christmas tree. Whether you’re a strict ‘1st of December’ kind of person, or you even like to get it up in November, one thing that’s for certain, is that if you want the best, most beautifully smelling, lush, real Christmas tree, you’ve got to know where to go. So, if you’re in Sydney and looking to be the envy of everyone who visits your home this silly season, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas tree farms in Sydney to set you on the path to success.

Best of Sydney Christmas Tree Farms

1 dural christmas tree farm 1

Image: Dural Christmas Tree Farm

1. Dural Christmas Tree Farm

Head an hour north-west of Sydney to the semi-rural oasis of Dural for some of the best real Christmas trees in Sydney, guaranteed. Dural Christmas Tree Farm sells quality pine Chrismas trees and people come from far and wide to get in before they’re all sold, but if you can’t make it to Dural, they also have a stall at the Carriageworks Farmers Markets. The best bit? They are available for delivery and they offer post-Christmas tree pick-up and recycling—talk about service!

Address: 879 Old Northern Rd, Dural
Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am – 6 pm
Contact: (02) 9651 1010

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2 sydney christmas tree farm

Image: Sydney Christmas Tree Farm

2. Sydney Christmas Tree Farm

The Sydney Christmas Tree Farm is one of the best Christmas tree farms in Sydney if you’re looking for a place that does it all. Not only do they sell Christmas trees of all sizes starting from a cool $80, but they also sell Christmas tree stands and clamps to secure your tree—all you have to do is head to Duffys Forest on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and secure a bargain.

Address: 6 Namba Rd, Duffys Forest
Hours: Friday 2nd Dec 3.30 – 6.00 pm, Saturday 3rd – Sunday 11th 9 am – 6 pm
Contact: (02) 9450 2027

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3 top 40 orchard

Image: Top 40 Orchard

3. Top 40 Orchard

A popular spot for locals, Top 40 Orchard has some of the most affordable Christmas trees for sale in NSW. With trees starting from $50, this Christmas tree farm is all about making the experience fun and stress-free, with helpers on standby to assist in cutting down your tree of choice and they will even help carry it to your car. Worried about making sure you get the best tree in town? Here, you can call ahead to reserve the tree of your dreams. But if you do decide to drive in, while you’re there, grab some goodies for Christmas day – they also sell fruit, veg and delicious homemade treats.

Address: 1755 Burragorang Rd, Oakdale
Hours: Monday – Friday 3 pm – 6 pm, Saturday – Sunday and 9 am – 5 pm from 26 November 2022
Contact: 0429 300 474

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4 merlinos christmas trees

Image: Merlino’s Christmas Trees

4. Merlino’s Christmas Trees

Merlino’s has a reputation for being one of the best Christmas tree farms in Sydney, and for good reason. All the way from Oberon to a Five Dock warehouse, you will find real Christmas trees of all sizes, along with potted trees too which will continue to grow well beyond the festive season, if you’re one of those people that don’t want Christmas to ever end. These guys have been around for over 50 years, so you can trust they know what they’re doing.

Address: 260 Great N Road, Wareemba
Hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm, Saturday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm
Contact: 02 9713 2861

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5 willys christmas tree farm 1

Image: Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm

5. Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Head to Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm in Sydney’s northwest for some of the best live Christmas trees around. They are known for their expansive selection, with options to cut down your own, or choose from their pre-cut trees. It’s a family-run business, which means staff are super helpful and passionate, plus they have a netting service and they also sell stands – everything in one place, just a quick 20-minute drive from Parramatta, talk about convenience!

Address: Address: 281 Windsor Road, Vineyard
Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am – 6 pm from 26 November 2022.
Contact: 0458 653 555

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6 luddenham christmas tree farm

Image: Luddenham Christmas Tree Farm

6. Luddenham Christmas Tree Farm

Little trees, big trees, medium trees – no matter what size you need or how roomy your living room, Luddenham prides itself on growing the best trees in NSW. The team here want your experience to be as authentic as possible, so they encourage you to bring your own saw to cut down your favourite tree, or they have tools to hire if you don’t own any. Unpretentious, Down to earth vibes, and plenty of trees to choose from makes this one of the best Christmas tree farms in Sydney, hands down.

Address: 821-849 Luddenham Rd, Luddenham
Contact: [email protected]

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7 tomalong christmas tree farm

Image: Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm

7. Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm

Pay Tomalong a visit and get your hands on their real Christmas trees, located in Sydney’s Kenthurst. All trees located in the paddocks are valued at around $150, with others ranging from between $150 – $450. The family-run business runs on a ‘cut-down-your-own-tree- system, but will happily help you out if you’re not usually on the tools.

Address: 96 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst
Hours: Monday – Sunday 7 am – 6 pm from 26th November 2022
Contact: 0417 927 606

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8 aussie christmas trees

Image: Aussie Christmas Trees

8. Aussie Christmas Trees

If you’re in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, what says Aussie Christmas more than grabbing your tree post-swim, barefoot and sandy? At Aussie Christmas Trees in Manly, this pop-up has plenty of trees to choose from, and all purchases support Royal Far West, a charity that supports health care for country kids. It’s only open the first two Sundays in December, so get in quick, or pre-order online to guarantee your tree.

Address: 22 Wentworth Street, Manly
Hours: First two Sundays in December from 6 am until sold out
Contact: 0404 824 285

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9 rockpine christmas tree farm

Image: Rockpine Christmas Tree Farm

9. Rockpine Christmas Tree Farm

Rockpine is the place to go for Christmas trees, stands and doorstep service. Each fresh-cut, perfectly groomed tree sells for a flare rate of $125, and you can choose from farm gate pickup if you fancy a trip to Rossmore, or delivery (you can even pay a bit extra to get them to install the tree for you.) All you have to do is sit back, relax and you’ll have a beautifully smelling Christmas tree in your living room in no time for all those Christmas feels.

Address: 50 King St, Rossmore
Hours: Pick-up December 3rd – 4th, 9th – 11thh, 17th – 18th
Contact: 0475 407 443

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What to Consider For Sydney Christmas Tree Farms

If you are looking to purchase a real Christmas tree this year, it’s not quite as simple as popping down to the local shops and snagging a bargain. Unlike your run-of-the-mill plastic option, a living tree represents a few specific challenges. Here is what you need to consider before you buy a real Christmas tree:

  • Get In Early – While they will be loaded up with trees in the immediate future, it’s important to note that many Christmas tree farms will run out of stock quickly. For that reason, it is pivotal that you get in early and secure your tree as quickly as possible. This will also allow you to choose the best possible option for your home.
  • Have Dimensions Prepared – Further to the last point, making sure you know exactly what it is you are after is critical. There is nothing worse than going to the effort to drive out to the farm, purchase a tree, and drag it all the way home only to find out that it doesn’t fit in your home. Make sure you measure the ideal dimensions for your intended spot before you get to the farm to select your tree.
  • Consider Allergies – This sounds like a straightforward option, but you’d be surprised how often this issue arises. Make sure you aren’t allergic to pine before you pick up a tree.

Alternatives to Best Places to Get a Real Christmas Tree

Not quite ready for a real Christmas tree this year? If you live in Sydney and you want to make the most of the great outdoors, here are some other terrific options to sink your teeth into.

General FAQs

Where is the best ‘cut your own’ Christmas tree farm in Sydney?

Luddenham Christmas Tree Farm is the best 'cut your own' Christmas tree farm in Sydney.

Where is the best place to buy real Christmas trees near Sydney CBD?

The best place to buy real Christmas trees near Sydney CBD is Merlino’s Christmas Trees, located in Sydney's Inner West.

When is the best time to buy a real Christmas tree?

The best time to buy a real Christmas tree is around the end of November.