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How to Lose Belly Fat for Men | Man of Many

For men, losing belly fat and eating right are two peas in the same pod. That said, some foods are better than others. Along similar lines, a proper diet is just as much about what you don’t eat as it is what you do. For starters, say goodbye to processed food, junk food, alcohol, and sugar-sweetened drinks. Now say hello to salmon, chicken breast, eggs, quinoa, kale, greek yogurt, beans, asparagus, spinach, bananas, blueberries, oranges, nuts, flax seeds, whey, oats, and whole grains. And don’t forget to incorporate plenty of viscous fiber.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

If you want to take the fast track to belly fat reduction, consider lowering your carb intake. This is because the body converts excess carbohydrates into fat. Bear in mind, we’re talking about the main culprits like refined sugars, pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes. You should still be eating plenty of fruits and veggies, which have been correlated with weight loss and fat reduction. And if you want to take things to extremes, bring that carb intake down to about 50g per day. As a result, your body will enter into ketosis, where it burns through stored fat with greater efficiency.

2. Eat Fewer Carbs

According to one study, there’s a direct correlation between increased quality protein consumption and decreased abdominal fat. That doesn’t come as a surprise since most fitness experts will recommend a protein-rich diet when asked how to lose belly fat for men. The reasoning is fairly straightforward: your body converts protein into energy more efficiently than it does fat or carbs. As a result, you can experience a boost in metabolism and a reduction in cravings. And if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, fret not, as there are still plenty of ways to get your protein fix. When you’re figuring out how to lose belly fat fast for men, pairing increased protein consumption with a proper workout routine is arguably the most effective method.

3. Eat More Protein

Contrary to what previous generations were told, fat isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds, presuming you work out with some regularity. Fish oil, in particular, is a terrific source of fat, as are whole unprocessed foods. Meanwhile, stay far away from trans-fatty foods like margarine. So while it might sound paradoxical at first, learning how to lose belly fat for men can often involve eating more fatty foods.

4. Eat More Fat

All too often, men will ask themselves how to lose stomach fat or arm fat and then answer by performing a steady number of crunches per day. Allow us to respond with a simple word: stop. While crunches are good for building stomach muscle, they don’t reduce belly fat as much as you might hope. Meanwhile, a 10 Biggest Fitness Trends for 2021 built around strength training and cardio will deliver fast results. And by that, we mean things like high-intensity interval training, squatting and deadlifting, running, and cycling. These are the methods you should be incorporating into your regimen. Not only will you be taking the belly and arm fat away, but you’ll be keeping it away.

5. Optimise Your Fitness Regimen

Fitness tracking has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. As such, it’s never been easier to keep pace with your metrics. Monitoring your heart rate, tracking steps, counting calories, and so much more is now a matter of uploading an app or slapping a small gadget around your wrist. The technology is there to help you take a truly hands-on approach toward your own progress. You’ll also be amazed at how much more dedicated you become when adopting a mathematical approach toward fitness. It’s all a numbers game, gents.

6. Use a Fitness Tracker

Remember, the question at hand is how to lose belly fat for men. That means taking measurements on a regular basis, to see just how far you’ve come. Use a fat caliper once every two weeks. Track your BMI. Measure your waist. Last but not least, take pictures of your belly from all conceivable angles. Again, you’re not just keeping pace with your progress, you’re motivating yourself. And when you’ve hit your final target, you can post some killer “before and after” pics on Reddit to motivate others. Or not. Whatever works for you, mate.

7. Take Measurements

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