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Belkin soundform elite 3

Belkin Soundform Elite is a Smart-Speaker with Devialet Tech

Belkin’s new Soundform Elite Speaker doubles up on the duties by not only playing music but by also providing a stylish charging port for your smartphone. The cylindrical design, coupled with the mesh body and slanted top, make for a welcome audio addition to your home décor.

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Belkin soundform elite 2

Belkin Soundform Elite | Image: Belkin

When products try to take on more than just one functionality, often one or the other will suffer. Such is not the case with the Soundform Elite Speaker. The speaker does offer a wireless charging feature made possible through the charging cradle on the top of the unit. You may be worried that when you play your tunes too loudly that the vibration will interrupt the connection, thus nullifying the charging, but Belkin considered this and equipped the Soundform Elite Speaker with vibration-cancelling technology that will keep your phone charging without interruption.

The speaker provides crystal clear tones and full, deep bass so that you can enjoy accurate sound reproduction. A major part of this success comes thanks to the use of the patented Speaker Active Matching technology from Devialet. This tech provides surprising high-fidelity sound reproduction in such a small speaker. Devialet also contributed their “Push-Push” vibration cancelling dual-woofer configuration so that you can get those deep notes without the need for a separate sub-speaker. The Soundform Elite Speaker also supports Hey Google, so you can use your favourite assistant to enjoy hands-free entertainment.

The Belkin Soundform Elite speaker comes in black or white and is priced at $299.99. That may be at the higher end for a speaker of this size, but the benefits far outweigh that higher price point. You’ll get hands-free control with high quality sound and a charging port that you can rely on all wrapped up in a handsome, modern design. That’s a hard deal to beat.

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Belkin soundform elite 1

Belkin Soundform Elite | Image: Belkin

Belkin soundform elite

Belkin Soundform Elite | Image: Belkin