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Epson Unleashes the World’s ‘Smallest and Lightest’ 4K 20,000 Lumens Projector

It’s time to swap out those big, bulky projectors for something far more compact and powerful. Epson is finally bringing the power of 4K to its latest generation of compact, efficient and ultra-lightweight high-lumens 3LCD projector series, promising “unparalleled” image quality. The Japanese multinational electronics giant unveiled what it’s calling the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 20,000 lumens projector, dubbed the EB-PQ2000, at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show, offering us a glimpse of the new product in all its glory. Smallest and lightest are obviously the keywords here, with Epson focusing more on how easily and conveniently this thing can fit into most places without compromising on any sort of image quality.

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To help the new EB-PQ2000 projector achieve its small and lightweight status, Epson has taken a whole new approach, offering the projector as a ‘body only’ unit, which doesn’t include any lenses. The company says that this allows “the user the option to design and build the best, most optimal projection solution for the right application using Epson’s existing range of 4K high-quality lenses without a change in throw ratios”.

These new 4K projectors take advantage of the company’s patented, state-of-the-art 4K Crystal Motion, panel thermo-control and double micro-lens array technologies to achieve optimal clarity. Under the ultra-lightweight chassis, the new EB-PQ2000 projector comes fitted with custom-built 4K graphic processing that provides “significant improvements” in operating frequency, memory bandwidth and data transmission for a seamless 4K experience.

Epson eb pq2000 projector
Epsn ‘s announcement | Image: Epson

These new projectors even have support for the ELPEC01 optional camera unit, which provides the benefit of upgraded assistance techniques, such as built-in simple stacking and blending. Furthermore, you can even download Epson’s free EPPT software to gain access to a bunch of features, including geometric correction, colour calibration and multi-projection assistance tools. Every projector in the new EB-PQ2000 line allows for a simple installation, stacking, lens flexibility and control, thus making it easier to set up and get started with.

Epson also says that the projectors have in-built processing for PC-free stacking and blending, thus allowing two supported projectors to be stacked to “double the brightness or blended to specific aspect ratios without the need for external computerware.” The EB-PQ2000 is NFC-enabled as well, which means you can connect and control the projector with your NFC-compatible smartphone, even when the projector is off. These projectors are developed with the environment in mind and present themselves as an eco-friendly and power-efficient solution.

Epson EB PQ2000 Projector | Image: Epson
Epson EB PQ2000 Projector | Image: Epson

During the grand reveal, Massimo Pizzocri, vice president Video Projector Sales & Marketing Division at Epson said, “We are truly excited to announce our new generation of 4K ultra-lightweight, compact, high lumens projectors. Epson projectors have become the industry benchmark for quality and flexibility, not only saving installation time and shipment costs but also reducing environmental impact for the important and growing 10k and 20k lumens market segment. As the world’s leading projector manufacturer, we have listened very closely to our customers and we believe this new series of projectors answers the market need for more compact, space-saving, lighter, reliable and versatile high lumens display solutions.”

The new EB-PQ2000 is Epson’s big foray into the 4K high lumens project market. This new projector is a customisable, compact and lightweight powerhouse that can illuminate mid-sized conference rooms or lecture halls and offers easy installation and maintenance. While Epson has shared no release date or pricing information yet, we expect these to hit markets sometime later this year.

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