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Sony REON Pocket 3 Puts a Portable Air Conditioner on Your Neck

Summer may be filled with plenty of activity, but it’s also a time that’s lived air conditioner to air conditioner as you try to beat the heat. Thankfully, Japanese tech titan Sony has stepped in to save the day, offering a way to keep cool even when temperatures rise with their REON Pocket 3 – a miniature air conditioner that fits in your pocket. It’s been around for a few years, but we thought it deserves a shoutout.

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Sony REON Pocket 3 | Image: Sony

The Sony REON 3 pocket air conditioner works using the Peltier effect, which creates a temperature differential between the two sides of the device, making one side cool and the other warm. The device slips into a special pocket of an undershirt located just below the neckline and between your shoulders. According to Sony, it can drop your temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit. And it works in cold weather as well, raising your body temperature by 14 degrees in the cold.

The Reon is roughly the size of a card case and weighs right at 3 ounces, so you won’t even notice that you’re carrying it around—at least not until you notice that everyone else is sweating and you’re perfectly comfortable. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the Reon using either your iOS or Android phone. You can also control it manually or set it up to run automatically.

When on automatic, the Reon reads your body’s temperature using built-in motion sensors to adjust to whatever activity you’re participating in. The Reon has a 90-minute battery life and fully recharges in 2 hours using the USB-C port. The REON is available through Sony’s website and via the link below, it’s priced from $235 AUD. For that low of a price, you can justify the expenditure and stop dreading having to deal with the hot dog days of summer.

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Sony reon

Sony REON Pocket 3 | Image: Sony

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