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Samsung smart monitor 2023

Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitors are Compact, Connected, But Refreshingly Underwhelming

As exciting as the notion of merging monitors and TVs into a single, all-in-one display may sound, Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitors might still fall short of the lofty expectations we were hoping for. The South Korean powerhouse recently introduced its Smart Monitors lineup for this year, offering gaming monitors that turn into compact Smart TVs on demand, thus enabling both entertainment and productivity. The 2023 Smart Monitor range includes M5 (M50C), M7 (M70C) and M8 (M80C), with new 27-inch models as well as a 32-inch option.

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Samsung smart monitor 2
Image: Samsung

The company’s main focus here is on compactness, aiming to provide a space-saving solution that combines work, play, and entertainment all within a single screen. These monitors are designed to offer convenience with built-in speakers and integrated video streaming apps like such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, AirPlay support as well as Samsung’s Gaming Hub, which provides access to cloud gaming services from Xbox and Nvidia, enabling game streaming without the need for a console. While these new monitors excel in many aspects, it’s worth noting that the display is still locked at a mere 60Hz refresh rate, which may not meet the expectations of users seeking the highest level of performance in fast-paced gaming.

Among the trio, the entry-level option is the M5 or M50C, catering to those seeking the essentials. It offers a 1080p display with a brightness of 250 nits and minimal HDR 10 support. However, it lacks far-field microphones and has a simpler design without pivot or tilt functionality.

Samsung smart monitors 2023
Image: Samsung

Connectivity options are also limited, with just two HDMI 1.4 jacks and a pair of USB-A ports. Additionally, the monitor does not have support for any voice assistants. The M5 is a decent all-in-one option if you’re on a tight budget or in need of a secondary screen.  Stepping up the ladder, the M7 (as well as the top-tier M8) introduces the new Iconic Slim Design, featuring a flat and super thin back that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Samsung’s M7 smart monitor is a slightly stripped-down version of the M8, offering a balance of style and functionality. The M7 model takes a step up by featuring a vibrant 4K UHD display, accompanied by a peak brightness of 300 nits and HDR10 support, ensuring stunning visuals. It also offers convenient voice assistant support and gets added benefit of a height-adjustable stand that allows for both pivot and tilt adjustments, providing optimal viewing angles.

Samsung’s Smart Monitor M7
Samsung’s Smart Monitor M7 | Image: Samsung

In terms of connectivity, you’ll find a decent mix of ports, including a 65W USB-C port for fast charging and data transfer, an HDMI 2.0 port and two USB-A ports. Samsung says that M7’s (and M8’s) “ergonomic, slim design provides any workspace with utility and style.”

The flagship M8 takes things to the next level with its captivating features. Sporting a sleek and slim design, this monitor offers the ability to rotate into portrait mode, making it ideal for reading lengthy documents or serving as a secondary screen. The 4K display is the best among the trio, delivering exceptional visual performance with a typical brightness of 400 nits, HDR10+ support, an integrated webcam, and even a built-in SmartThings Hub for added convenience.

The M8 doesn’t hold back when it comes to voice control, offering far-field Alexa and Bixby support. Connectivity-wise, it provides an HDMI 2.0 input, a USB-C port with 65W laptop charging capability, and two USB-A ports. While the M8’s premium specs impress, the 60Hz refresh rate might lock you to a middling gaming/viewing experience.

Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8
Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 | Image: Samsung

Samsung has introduced some clever software enhancements to improve overall accessibility across all their 2023 Smart Monitors. These monitors now come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that can detect nearby compatible smartphones. As a result, they can wake up and display useful content such as calendar events, photos, and more. Furthermore, users can now utilize a mouse and keyboard with many of the smart TV apps, expanding the range of control options. With the Multi-View feature, you can seamlessly switch between the built-in browser and Microsoft 365 apps, enjoying full-screen functionality for efficient multitasking.

While Samsung hasn’t revealed any Australian pricing or release date, these new monitors are set to drop in the US sometime in June, with Samsung M5 coming in at USD$279.99 (AUD$430) for the 27-inch model, rising to USD$299.99 (AUD$460) for the 32-inch version. The M7 (M70C) starts at USD $549.99 (AUD $845) for 27-inch and USD$599.99 (AUD$922) for 32-inch, while M8 (M80C ) costs USD$649.99 (AUD$999) for 27-inch and USD$699.99 (AUD$1,075) for 32-inch.