5 Facebook Pages Actually Worth Following, plus a few Bonuses!

5 Facebook Pages Actually Worth Following, plus a few Bonuses!
April 3, 2014 Man of Many

5 Facebook Pages Actually Worth Following, plus a few Bonuses!

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If you’re sick and tired of your Facebook News Feed being filled up with absolute crap about your friend’s latest gym visit, a political agenda that’s not going to change your opinion, the next fad diet or snaps of what people had for breakfast that morning, it’s time to curate and reclaim that sacred space. So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of five Facebook Pages actually worth following (plus a few bonuses!).

Welcome to the Internet


You’re source of all things funny. If you’re having a bad day, we give you our absolute guarantee that this site will cheer you up. Unlike other meme Pages or sites, they don’t seem too concerned with making money and never fill up their posts with link bait or a plee to “tag a mate”.

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Greatest Sporting Moments 


greatest sporting moments

For when too much sport isn’t enough. The brothers from Melbourne have an uncanny ability to hunt down the best moments in sport. Their page is filled with sports highlights and videos you could easily spend hours entertained with. For all the rugby, UFC, football, NBA fans out there, this Page is for you.

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The Versatile Gent 



TVG tout themselves as a “contemporary online library for the quintessential man” and we certainly agree. Primarily focused on luxury products, TVG is your go to for fashion inspiration and all things ‘nice to put on your wrist’ (they love watches!). Best yet, we love them cause they’re repping Aussie style.

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Bonus: If TVG is the online library, Mr Volpato is the epitome of what the quintessential man represents. A man of integrity with intriguing insights into the modern gentleman.

Designer Man Cave 



Let’s face it. Most guy’s places look like shit. Designer Man Cave is out to change this. A visual inspiration hub for men featuring design in all its forms – from the female point of view of interior decorator & designer Kate Abdou (a female’s opinion is all most men care about in the end!). It’s a man’s world with a female eye and one of the best curated Pages we’ve found on Facebook.

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Bonus: If you can’t afford all of the goodies Kate posts up on DMC, there’s always MacGyver It to get your place in order.

Random Perfection 


random perfection

We’ve saved the best till last boys and we can promise you won’t be disappointed with what Random Perfection has to offer. A daily selection of beautiful, no, mind-blowingly beautiful women. You’ll question whether these gorgeous people really exist and at times get angry you’ll never get the chance to meet them, but it’s best to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Bonus: Emily Ratajkowski – My future wife and the stunning model in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines film clip. Need we say more.

Double-Bonus: Ashley Sky – One of those models you see around the web everywhere, but can never find the name of. You’re welcome.  

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