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PornHub Reveals the Top 20 Horniest Cities

In figures released annually by popular Canadian, ahem, lifestyle website PornHub, how the world searches for its smut has been revealed, and the top 20 cities have some very differing habits.

The purveyors of porn are wont to reveal search trends and popular categories as they occur based on region, and, as the top 20 porn-loving places are ranked for all to see, so are their apparent kinks.

Coming (heh) in at number one, New York City boasts the highest number of porn consumers, followed closely by London and Paris. If population is anything to go by then there are hardly any surprises there. What is interesting is that Sydney and Melbourne come (another heh) in at seventh and eighth respectively, behind LA, Chicago and Osaka.

Brisbane scrapes onto the list too, taking out the 19th spot.

Demographically speaking, the trends tend to err towards the obvious, with cities in Japan preferring Japanese porn, Milanese folks searching for ‘Italian’ and Parisians preferring the French category (closely followed by Anal and Lesbian).

Some of the more interesting observations from this year include:

  • The average time spent on the site across all 20 cities sits at around ten minutes.
  • Both Sydney and Melbourne’s most popular category is Lesbian, followed by Japanese and MILF.
  • Brisbane, at number 19, also loves Lesbian and MILF porn, but also has a proclivity for the Threesome category.
  • Users in Brisbane are 19 per cent more likely to search for ‘Tattooed Women’, and 19 per cent more likely to search for ‘Fisting’ than the rest of the world.

To delve deeper into the weird, wide world of porn as it is consumed by different folks all over the globe, head to their insights page (SFW), if for no other reason than to have a good chuckle.

Graphic showing the top 20 highest traffic cities for Pornhub
Top 20 Highest Traffic Cities Infographic | Image: PornHub