Nerf Gatling Gun

Duck for Cover with the Nerf Gatling Gun

File this under, “Man, kids have it so good these days.” Hasbro recently shared four new additions to their Nerf lineup. That offering includes the N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50. The Titan has a 50-dart drum, and you’ll need every single dart because this baby is a full-auto beast. Powered by a flywheel, the Titan resembles a mini-gun (think the T-800 laying waste to police cars in Terminator 2). The Titan isn’t easy on batteries—it takes four D batteries to operate—but it’s also not easy on your opponents.

boy with Nerf Gatling Gun

The Titan isn’t coming to market alone. The Perses MXIX 5000 is nearly as lethal with a eight rounds per second firing rate and a 50 round hopper. It uses the Rival ball system. The Perses comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. There’s also the Mega line, which fires giant darts. The Megalodon has an exposed drum that holds 20 of the red Mega darts and features a “slam-fire” function that let you flood the target with all 20 rounds fired in rapid succession. The final offering is the Zombie Strike Revoltinator. Another flywheel autoblaster, the Revoltinator has an 18-round clip. It’s also equipped with electrical lights and sounds, meant to mimic its backstory of being an electrical weapon.

Your Nerf game just got a lot more fun—either on the field or in the office. You’ll have people ducking for cover.

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