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LG display to mass produce world s first gaming oled panel with switchable refresh rate and resolution

LG is ‘Mass Producing’ World’s First Gaming OLED Panel With Switchable Refresh Rate

Marking a significant advancement in display technology, LG Display has announced mass production of the “world’s first gaming OLED panel with a switchable refresh rate and resolution”. While high refresh rate OLED panels offer unparalleled smoothness for fast-paced games, LG is now taking things a step further by introducing switchable resolution, allowing gamers to prioritise stunning detail or lightning-fast responsiveness depending on the situation.

As per the company, it has already started the mass production of the 31.5-inch panel this month, “accelerating its push into the high-end gaming display market with new concept products.” While no new monitors or TVs have been shown off as of yet, this upcoming innovative display technology will let gamers switch between a high refresh rate mode (480Hz FHD) ideal for fast-paced games like racers and shooters, and a high-resolution mode (240Hz UHD) perfect for watching movies and TV shows.

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Lg stars mass producing world's first gaming oled panel
LG Display starts mass producing “world’s first gaming OLED display” with switchable refresh rate and resolution | Image: LG Display

LG claims that in high refresh rate mode, users will enjoy games where speed and rapid screen updates “are particularly important, such as first-person shooter (FPS) or racing games.” On the other hand, switching to high-resolution mode will offer “an exceptionally immersive experience when watching movies with rich visual effects or high-definition 4K content.” LG says that conventional displays have fixed resolutions that can’t adapt to different refresh rates, thus “limiting their versatility for multiple applications.”

LG Display’s advanced solution for balancing refresh rate and resolution is Dynamic Frequency & Resolution (DFR). This technology lets you switch between super smooth refresh rates or razor-sharp resolution and will be available on their new 31.5-inch OLED gaming panel. DFR fine-tunes the image processing to fit what you need most at the moment, allowing users to prioritise either refresh rate or resolution depending on their needs by adjusting image processing speed.

“We will create new customer value with OLED’s differentiated technologies – such as by offering perfect blacks, fast response times, and ultra-high refresh rates – and strengthen our leadership in the high-end gaming display market,” said Won-seok Kang, LG Display’s Vice President and Head of the Large Display Product Planning Division in the press release.

Lg world's first gaming oled panel with switchable refresh rate and resolution
Image: LG

Furthermore, LG’s Gaming OLED panels are self-emissive, meaning each pixel creates its own light, resulting in perfect blacks and stunningly lifelike images. But the benefits go beyond picture quality. Gaming OLEDs go easier on your eyes than LCDs, thanks to lower blue light emission and a flicker-free experience. The company also claims this panel will have the fastest response time of any PC monitor on the market, a blazing-fast 0.03ms at 480Hz.

To further ramp up immersion, LG’s new gaming OLED display will also feature META Technology 2.0, powered by the innovative Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, which maximises light emission from the organic materials, resulting in superior image quality. Additionally, LG’s Thin Actuator Sound technology has been adopted, which vibrates and produces sound directly from the screen itself, eliminating the need for bulky speakers.

LG Display is also making a big push into the high-end gaming monitor market with a new line of OLED panels. These panels will come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 27, 31.5, 34, 39, and 45 inches, and will be supplied to major gaming gear brands around the world, with LG Electronics being among the first as expected.