What we Learned from that Big Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal

Let’s start with the big one. Black Ops 4 is confirmed to have a battle royale mode like Fornite and PUBG. It’s called Blackout.

Blackout will feature classic playable characters from previous Black Ops games with a huge map that features locations inspired by fan-favourite multiplayer maps, including areas from Nuketown and Firing Range. Blackout will include classic Black Ops weapons with different ammo types and equipment that players can loot and scavenge. Players can also find and drive land, sea and air vehicles.

Black Ops 4’s multiplayer experience is set to deliver the most tactical depth to-date. Gameplay will be gritty and grounded. No wall-running like previous games. It also introduces a new manual health system, so you choose when to regenerate your health as it recharges on a cooldown.

Multiplayer places emphasis on teamwork and rewards players who contribute to the team and not just their K/D ratio. Players can combine their talents with other players to activate multipliers, making the team more superior. Weapons and equipment are unique to each Specialist, similar to Rainbow Six Siege. So combining Specialists based on the style of play and game mode adds a new level of strategy. Some Specialists are new; some re-imagined from previous Black Ops games.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Call of Duty Zombies, and Black Ops 4 will deliver three separate Zombies experiences. Voyage of Despair is set aboard the Titanic, with four protagonists discovering the truth that befell the doomed passengers on that fateful night. The second is called IX, and it’s set in ancient Rome. IX thrusts the protagonists into a coliseum where ritual sacrifices may be required. This one looks like it might not even have guns.

Expanding on the best zombie map Mob of the Dead, the third option is called Blood of the Dead and features the original characters visiting an Alcatraz infested with zombies. Black Ops 4 Zombies will include custom games and new game modes, allowing players to tailor the challenge and difficulty to their play style, and experience.

Black Ops 4 has dedicated PC development, featuring an uncapped frame-rate, 4k resolution and HDR, and support for ultra-wide monitors. You can play on Battle.net, Blizzard’s online gaming platform.

For the first time in Call of Duty history, Black Ops 4 will NOT include a single player campaign. Pre-ordering will grant you access to a private beta at a later date. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12. Call of Duty’s biggest rival Battlefield is set for its big reveal next week.

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