Man Builds Backyard Roller Coaster

WIRED reported on Will Pemble, who built a roller coaster in his backyard. “All I need is a little bit of encouragement to say yes to a crazy idea,” explains Pemble. Why did he do it? “I built a roller coaster in my backyard because once upon a time, when my son was 10 years old, we came home from vacation and he asked me, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we had a roller coaster in the yard?’ And it took me five seconds to know for absolute certain that it would be great.”

Backyard Rollercoaster

The process took a lot of experimentation and learning. The process was a lot of trial and error. Premble, who has experience as an engineer, carpenter, and welder, knew that it would require a lot of math and physics. In total, Premble has built five roller coasters—one in his backyard, another in his front yard (because there was already one in the back), a third for a Maker Fair in San Francisco, the fourth in a friend’s yard, and the fifth back in his yard again. The latest roller coaster hits 18 miles per hour and is filled with turns, twists, and banks. The whole ride takes around 15 seconds, minus the climb at the beginning.

backyard roller coaster

The roller coaster has been a hit online with fans, who have been clamoring for the roller coaster to go upside down. Premble’s response: “It doesn’t go upside down…yet.”

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