Minecraft Earth the Next Big Craze Following Pokémon Go

Minecraft is turning ten this year and to celebrate, creator Mojang is launching Minecraft Earth – a brand new augmented reality game for smartphones. Expect Minecraft Earth to reach Pokémon Go levels of mass hysteria when it launches later this year.

The debut trailer doesn’t reveal much beyond the game’s playful tone. Over on its website, Mojang revealed a sliver of info stating “this is Minecraft like you’ve never experienced it before, allowing you to give your day-to-day life a Minecraft makeover!”

Minecraft Earth will allow users to explore their neighbourhoods, discovering mobs (Minecraft’s name for living creatures) and using them to populate your builds. There will also be aspects of resource gathering and challenges to complete.

minecraft earth augmented reality game

Mojang is encouraging collaboration, with users able to craft structures together. We’re unsure if this means all users can explore your creations or only those invited or on a friends list.

Also, the popular Survive mode is coming to Minecraft Earth in some shape or form. So maybe expect to see members of the public consuming digital apples and running from Creepers that only they can see.

Whatever happens, expect Minecraft Earth to take over schools, parks and pretty much all public spaces when it arrives towards the tail end of 2019. You can sign up via the link below for a chance to be one of the first to play the private beta taking place over the coming months.

Check it out

minecraft enderman in minecraft earth

minecraft build in real life