Oculus Rift S Delivers Improved Optics and New Features

Oculus recently announced its newest PC VR headset, which goes by the name of Rift S. Delivering notable—albeit somewhat incremental—improvements over its distinguished predecessor, the headset promises new tiers of immersion and performance. While it remains tethered to your PC, Rift S does eschew external sensors as it cranks up the dial on quality and comfort.

Oculus Rift S

Like the upcoming Quest, Rift S is equipped with Oculus Insight, which uses advanced algorithms and sensors for precise inside-out tracking. The headset also introduces Passthrough+, a new feature that offers minimal depth disparity or performance impact, and enables better awareness of the real (i.e. non-VR) world outside your play space. In terms of resolution, Rift S serves up 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye, representing a slight increase over the Rift.

With a little help from Lenovo, Oculus designed its new PC headset for maximum comfort. Improvements include better weight distribution, optimal light blocking, and a single-cable system for uncluttered immersion. Meanwhile, Rift S is expected to arrive at the same time as Oculus Quest, the brand’s new wireless headset. Decisions, decisions.

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