PS4 DualShock Controllers Receive a Fresh Lick of Paint

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Sony has announced that 3 new special edition PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers will be joining the existing lineup. All 3 special edition models will be available in Australia from October 2018.

Leading the charge is the Blue Camouflage design which will be available from 12th October. It has a futuristic blue and black colour scheme and features a familiar silhouette pattern waiting to be discovered by players. The covert camo design is perfect for when you’re supposed to be doing more productive things than gaming.

dualshock 4 controller blue camo

Next up is the captivating Copper controller, which will be available as part of a metallic range from 30th October, alongside the return of Gold, Silver and Steel Black.

Finally, it’s Berry Blue, my personal favourite of the 3 controllers. Launching 23rd October, this one is perfect for those who like a powerful pop to their colours. Similar to previously released Sunset Orange, which will be available again for a limited time from the 18th September, Berry Blue’s bright vibrant top cover is contrasted with a purple back and buttons.

Each of the special edition DualShock 4 controllers will have a recommended retail price of $99.95 AUD, and be available from select retailers.

In other PlayStation news, Sony announced a sweet limited edition Spiderman PS4 Pro console to coincide with the web-slingers upcoming game. You better believe these crimson collectables have sold out.

dualshock 4 controller copper colour playstation 4 blue camo controllerplaystation 4 copper controller

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