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PewDiePie sitting at his computer setup

PewDiePie’s Gaming Setup & Gear Behind all that Money

Listen up, baby. Love him or hate him, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is the indisputable champion of Youtube celebrity. With over 100 million subscribers and a substantial net worth, this Sweden-born personality is a quintessential spokesman for the Comic Con generation. And for those who don’t recognise the name, stop yelling at teenagers to get off your lawn. We’ve been watching his videos to see what he’s about and have to say we’re thoroughly impressed and not just by his entertaining content. Equally as impressive is PewDiePie’s desk setup and gear!

Table of Contents

pewdiepie's 2020 set up


Update 09/08/2020: Tons of new stuff added to the top of the list

Update 08/01/2019: Elgato Key Light added

Update 17/07/2018: LG TV, Elgato Green Screen, and Elgato Stream Deck added.

Update 28/02/2018: Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken Headphones added.

Update 21/02/2018: Pewd’s just showed off his massive toy–err, figurine–collection. Naturally, we’re all over it.

Update 16/01/2018: PewDiePie just uploaded a new video and dropped a mega-ton bomb of incredible new gear. This big list just got a whole lot bigger.

Update 22/12/2017: PewDiePie added even more gear to his legendary arsenal, which we promptly threw on to the list.

Update 17/12/2017: We got a new look at Pewd’s new setup from the new gaming headphones he released with Razer. So we’ve tracked down a lot of the gear from the image below.

Update 04/12/2017: Pewds gave us a list of his gear in his latest video so we’ve updated the below.

Update 6/11/2020: Felix was lucky enough to score the new Playstation 5.

Update 19/11/2020: PewDiePie just released a new keyboard and mouse in a collaboration with Ghost M1. We’ve got all the info you need down below.

What started as a devout game-play enthusiast who earned a loyal following by reviewing video games with his own particular brand of lingo, has evolved into a trend-setting figurehead complete with a “bro army” and a slew of YouTube clips that extend well beyond one given arena. This includes his new PC setup tour below, which we’ve expanded upon in this article and list of PewDiePie’s gear. If you want to learn how to set up a gaming room, why not take lessons from the master?

PewDiePie Setup Videos

Pewdiepies gaming setup gear behind all that money pewdiepie setup

PewDiePie might make it all look so effortless, but in addition to his unparalleled geek-certified charm, as you can see from the video, it takes some killer technical gear to keep his operation running smoothly. Of course we were on that shit like white on rice and so without further ado please allow us to share a breakdown of PewDiePie’s desk setup and gear.

The PC Setup

Origin PC - Custom Pewdiepie Edition Neuron

Origin PC – Custom PewDiePie Edition Neuron

Pewds honestly doesn’t even know what’s in the computer, but he does know it’s “good shit.” Comparatively speaking, it’s a very small desktop. He does have a way bigger Origin PC but he gave that to Sive cause he needs more power to edit. He’s really happy with it and it’s got a custom Brofist on it.

Scroll down for Computer Specs further below.

Purchase: Custom Origin PC

ASUS 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor WQHD

ASUS 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor WQHD

When only maximum immersion will suffice, PewDiePie accepts nothing less than this curved gaming monitor from ASUS. Stretching 31.5″ across, it offers seamless gaming and comes mounted on an adjustable swivel stand.

Notable specs: 1800R curvature, FreeSync technology, 144Hz refresh rate, Aura Sync, Flicker-Free technology
Price: from $515

Purchase: ASUS 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor WQHD

Ghost M1 Wireless Keyboard

Ghost A1 – PEWDIEPIE Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Gaming accessory manufacturer Ghost has collaborated with PewDiePie to bring us the most epic keyboard on the market. The A1 is Ghost’s flagship model, designed for the professional gamer who needs the best of the best. The keyboard starts life as a solid piece of cast aluminium and is then carved out of a CNC machine. This is for big pp gamers only.

Notable specs: Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue gaming key switches, Doubleshot PBT Keycaps, Pre-lubed stabilisers, Bluetooth Wireless 5.0, 2000mAh Battery, Textured WASD.

Ghost A1 – PEWDIEPIE Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Ghost M1 Gaming Mouse

Ghost M1 – PEWDIEPIE Gaming Mouse

Gaming accessory manufacturer Ghost has collaborated with PewDiePie to bring us the most epic mouse on the market. This super lightweight mouse weighs under 65 grams, meaning you can move quicker and more accurately than ever before. The mouse features a market-leading PixArt 3360 sensor with a response time of under 1ms. Flex your big pp with this outstanding piece of mouse machinery.

Notable specs: Pixart 3360 Sensor, 1ms response time
Price: US$79.99

Ghost M1 – PEWDIEPIE Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries QcK+ Cloth Gaming MousePad

SteelSeries QcK+ Cloth Gaming MousePad

What would go perfectly with PewDiePie’s glorious new mouse? This glorious new mousepad, of course.

Notable specs: exclusive QcK micro woven cloth, optimised for both optical and laser sensors, never-fray stitching, never-slip base, washable, mouse accuracy
Price: from $14

Purchase: SteelSeries QcK+ Cloth Gaming MousePad

Gas Station in the Rain Wallpaper

Gas Station in the Rain Wallpaper

Here’s an image that speaks for itself. If it’s good enough for Pewds, surely it’s good enough for you.

Download Wallpaper

Pewdiepie LED 100M Edition - Throttle Series Clutch Chair

Pewdiepie LED 100M Edition – Throttle Series Clutch Chair

PewDiePie keeps getting cooler and so too do his gaming chairs. This one was developed in honour of the YouTube star hitting 100 million subscribers.

Notable specs: limited edition gold 100M stitching, LED lighting, dura-soft faux leather construction, ergonomic lumbar cushion
Price: from $470

Purchase: Pewdiepie LED 100M Edition – Throttle Series Clutch Chair

The Gaming Setup

Sony PlayStation 5

Pewds managed to scoop this one up with the first shipment. The new PS5 is as rare as it is powerful, with many of the first batch being scooped up on preorders and those looking to make some money on the secondary market. The console is a great value for money proposition, you’re getting a lot of technological power for the money. This doesn’t particularly bother Pewds, he just wants the best console available on the market.

Notable specs: Custom 825GB SSD, x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 8 Cores / 16 Threads at 3.5GHz, Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI ver 2.1).
Price: from $750AUD

Check it out Buy it here (US)

PlayStation 4 Controller - Pewdiepie Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller – Pewdiepie Edition

It would appear that this custom-made PS4 controller isn’t available to the public just yet. He also uses a grey one.

Check it out

Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2

Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2

Pewds uses this nifty component for recording epic game footage on his PS4 Pro.

Notable specs: 4K60 HDR10 capture and passthrough, Instant Gameview technology, flashback recording, records directly onto hard drive
Price: from $401

Purchase: Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2

Cable Management

D-Line Cable Management Box

D-Line Cable Management Box

PewDiePie has a white box like this one, except his comes with a black lid. He likes it “neat and clean like a money machine.” The man does not f*ck around when it comes to cable management.

Notable specs: 3 cord entry/exits in rear, curved ends, polished lids
Price: from $24

Purchase: D-Line Cable Management Box

The Camera Setup

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Camera with EF Mount

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Camera with EF Mount

The camera quality on this gear is amazing. If Pewds were to record straight to a disk it would look all the more incredible, but he doesn’t because it takes up too much space (filming videos daily and sending files back and forth just takes too long). He likes the camera but it’s probably a bit bigger than he wants. At some point, he’ll likely sell it and buy the new Sony A7 that’s coming out.

Notable specs: 4.6K Super-35mm CMOS Sensor, CinemaDNG and ProRes 444 & 422 Recording, full set of external controls, built-in ND filters, 4608 x 2592 video up to 60p
Price: from $5,995

Purchase: Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Camera with EF Mount

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L III USM Lens

Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L III USM Lens

This high-performance lens goes from 16 to 35mm for those much-needed zoom-ins.

Notable specs: fast constant aperture, L-series construction, closest focusing distance of 0.92 ft./0.28m
Price: from $1,746

Purchase: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L III USM Lens

Manfrotto 190 Kit Alu 4-Section Tripod

Manfrotto 190 Kit Alu 4-Section Tripod

With all that new camera gear, it’s only natural that PewDiePie scored himself a sweet new tripod.

Notable specs: 4 legs, 3-way head, durable construction, adjustable design
Price: from $450

Purchase: Manfrotto 190 Kit Alu 4-Section Tripod

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI/PSU

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI/PSU

PewDiePie’s camera plugs into this micro-converter, which is more expensive than the average counterpart. He converts SDI from his camera into HDMI and then HDMI into USB, which goes to his computer and outputs video.

Notable specs: automatically matches video input, +5V universal power supply with international socket adapters
Price: from $75

Purchase: Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI/PSU

Pewdiepie equipment and gear - Elgato Key Light setup

Elgato Key Light

Equipped with 2500 Lumens, the Elgato Key Light is colour adjustable, app enabled, and compatible with PC or Mac. Plus, PewDiePie uses it so you know it’s good.

Notable specs: app-enabled, adjustable 2800 lumens, versatile color temperature (2900-7000K)
Price: $193.49

Purchase: Elgato Key Light

The Audio Setup

the pewdiepie razer kraken pro v2

PewDiePie Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headphones

PewDiePie was such a fan of the Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphones that he hopped on board and helped Razer create a special pair. The result is top shelf sonics and a bitchin’ red and black striped pattern guaranteed to please the ladies. Getting the best sound quality out of your gaming headphones is pretty obviously a MUST for Youtuber streamers.

Notable specs: 7.1 surround sound software, thicker headband padding, cooling gel-infused ear cushions, memory foam
Price: $79.99

Purchase: PewDiePie Razer Kraken Pro V2 Headphones

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

Sturdy and comprehensive, this colourful headset stand has “gamer” written all over it.

Notable specs: mouse bungee cord holder, 2-port USB 3.0 hub, 3.0 data hub
Price: $40

Purchase: Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand



Streamlined and state-of-the-art, this audio interface puts big quality in a small package.

Notable specs: 24-Bit/192 kHz resolution, compatible with popular recording software, streams 2 inputs/outputs, 2 MIDAS designed mic preamplifiers with +48 V phantom power
Price: $163

Purchase: BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC202HD, 2-Channel

Sennheiser True Diversity Receiver EM 100 Series G3

Sennheiser True Diversity Receiver EM 100 Series G3

Sennheiser’s legendary receiver allows you to run multiple channels of G3 wireless at the same time. It’s also Compact and ready for travel.

Notable specs: 42 MHz bandwidth, 2o frequency banks with 12 preset frequencies each, user-programmable bank, adaptive-diversity reception
Price: $518

Purchase: Sennheiser True Diversity Receiver EM 100 Series G3

Sennheiser EW 100 Lavalier Microphone

Sennheiser EW 100 Lavalier Microphone

PewDiePie uses the EW 100 G3 mic to match his receiver, but it looks like that model has been discontinued and replaced with the G4 version (linked below).

Notable specs: all-in-one wireless system, 100-meter range, up to 8 hours of wireless battery life, impeccable sound
Price: $599

Purchase: Sennheiser EW 100 Lavalier Microphone

Pewdiepie’s Figurines

godzilla movie atomic roar action figure

Godzilla Movie Atomic Roar Action Figure

“To keep the burglars away”, PewDiePie has a Godzilla action figure that spits a blue streak of fire out of its mouth when it roars. That’ll definitely keep all his expensive gear safe from intruders!

Notable specs: collector-level detailing
Price: from $349

Purchase: Godzilla Movie Atomic Roar Action Figure

bandai hobby ms 06s char zaku ii

Bandai Hobby MS-06S Char’s Zaku II “Mobile Suit Gundam” Action Figure

From the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series comes the Char’s Zaku II action figure, a finely detailed robot with a big gun and an LED-powered eye. When Pewds plays with toys, he doesn’t mess around.

Notable specs: scale 1:60
Price: from $124.95

Purchase: Bandai Hobby MS-06S Char’s Zaku II “Mobile Suit Gundam” Action Figure

kaws companion open edition figurines

KAWS Companion Open Edition Figurines

A gift from his gorgeous girlfriend, PewDePie gives his KAWS figurines a mantel all their own, complete with personal lighting. They go perfectly with his KAWS tattoo. He “loves them”.

Price: from $450

Purchase: Black Flayed Open Edition

Purchase: Grey Flayed Open Edition

Purchase: Flayed Open Edition

kaws bff black version 2017

KAWS BFF Black Version 2017

Pewd’s has nothing but the utmost respect for artist KAWS, so much so that he’s willing to make a knock off part of his collection. In spite of being a fake, the BFF Black Version 2017 still looks pretty sweet. Another great figurine for Pewdiepie to showcase to us.

Price: from $450

Purchase: KAWS BFF Black Version 2017

kaws x robert lazzarini distorted companion

KAWS x Robert Lazzarini Distorted Companion

Moving back to the real thing, PewDiePie wonders aloud if KAWS released the Distorted Companion just to prove that people will buy anything the artist puts out, before acknowledging that the design is in fact really cool.

Price: $220

Purchase: KAWS x Robert Lazzarini Distorted Companion

blame! safeguard figurine

Blame! Safeguard Figurine

In PewDiePie’s opinion, Blame! is the best manga of all time (though he thinks the anime version was kind of a letdown). Hence, it was only natural that he scooped up this incredible Safeguard figurine during his last trip to Japan, which makes for some hilarious poses.

Notable specs: posable action figure
Price: $55

Purchase: Blame! Safeguard Figurine

blame! 1/12 killy action figure

Blame! 1/12 Killy Action Figure

Showing off the more earnest side of PewDiePie’s Blame! fixation is this 1/12 Killy Action Figure.

Price: from $148.95

Purchase: 1/12 Killy Action Figure

lladro figurine the guest

Lladro Figurine The Guest

Exhibiting his tremendous love for LA artist Gary Baseman, PewDiePie shows off The Guest, a trippy, porcelain figurine that’s rife with impeccable detail and an unmistakable aesthetic. This limited edition work of art was a gift from Marzia.

Price: A$1,020.38

Purchase: Lladro Figurine The Guest

sentinel x t rex manon type

Sentinel x T-Rex Manon Type

With eyes that light up and a little guy on top of its head (“which is dope”, says PewDiePie), the Sentinel x T-Rex Manon Type wasn’t originally the action figure Pewd’s thought it was, but he’s happy with it nevertheless.

Price: $378

Purchase: Sentinel x T-Rex Manon Type

kikkake iron monkey custom paul

Kikkake Iron Monkey Custom Paul/Masuda

Custom made in Japan, this Iron Monkey figurine caught PewDiePie’s eye in a Tokyo toy shop. Knowing her man all too well, Marzia hastily bought it for him.

fuji sola solamchi red fujisan

Fuji Sola Solamchi Red Fujisan 400% Be@rbrick Bearbrick

Bearbrick collectibles might be diverse in design and massively popular, but generally speaking they’re a bit “too simple” for PewDiePie’s personal taste. Not that it stopped him from buying one as a memento from his many trips to Japan.

Price: from $98

Purchase: Fuji Sola Solamchi Red Fujisan 400% Be@rbrick Bearbrick

realhead yubiosu black molding

REALHEAD Yubiosu Black Molding

During his third trip to Japan, PewDiePie got this “bad boy”. He thought the REALHEAD Yubiosu was vintage, but it turned out to be custom. Either way, it’s pretty awesome.

Price: from $278

Purchase: REALHEAD Yubiosu

bandai hobby rx 0 unicorn gundam

Bandai Hobby #100 RX-0 UNICORN GUNDAM

PewDiePide doesn’t watch Gundam, but he sure loves building them. Bandai makes it (relatively) easy and addictive with these killer action figures. Pewd’s is not normally a fan of model building, but for these he makes an exception.

Price: from $19

Purchase: Bandai Hobby #100 RX-0 UNICORN GUNDAM

isopod plush toy

Isopod Plush Toy

It’s Isopod Hour!!!!

Price: from $75

Pewdiepie Figurine

PewDiePie Figurine

You’re not a true fan until you have one of these bad boys sitting on your desktop.

Notable specs: made of renewable and completely biodegradable bioplastic, 7 removeable parts, 7″ tall
Price: $30

Purchase: PewDiePie figurine

Other Gear

Pewdiepie Floor Gang Tambourine

You’re damn right PewDiePie gets down with the tambourine every now and then. He also stacks up multiple tambourines to build a tower to the moon. Why? Because he can. To get access you’ve gotta buy tier 3 sub on his YouTube channel for $12 then it gives you access in merch store with a secret code.

Notable specs: polyester leather material, shaped grip, metal jingles
Price: $11

Purchase: Floor Gang Tambourine

Pewdiepie Face Mask

PewDiePie Face Mask

Protect yourself from SIMPs and other viruses with a little help from this custom mask.

Notable specs: triple-ply cotton construction, ear bands
Price: $15

Purchase: Pewdiepie Face Mask

Pewdiepie G-Fuel

PewDiePie G-Fuel

Ever wonder how PewDiePie keeps those energy levels insanely high? Now you know.

Notable specs: 300 Mg Caffeine, zero calories, zero sugar
Price: $11 (per 4-pack of 16 oz cans)

Purchase: PewDiePie G-Fuel

toby 16" critterbox 2005

Toby 16″ Critterbox 2005

One of Gary Baseman’s most iconic characters is Toby, making for an equally iconic figurine. Naturally, Pewd’s was all over the limited edition release, dropping big dollars and not regretting the purchase for a minute. In fact, PewDiePie claims this figurine might just be his favourite.

Purchase: Toby 16″ Critterbox 2005 : SOLD OUT

elgato green screen

Elgato Green Screen

As easy to set up as it is to break down, the Elgato Green Screen is sturdy, smooth, and wrinkle-free. A great retractable and collapsible green screen for people who like things to be easy.

Notable specs: wrinkle-resistant green screen, 100% Polyester, pop-up tech
Price: from $190

Purchase: Elgato Green Screen

open broadcaster software

Open Broadcaster Software

Just as important as PewDiePie’s endless array of pc and recording hardware is equally formidable software like OBS Studio. Perfect for recording and live streaming, the software connects his world with ours.

Notable specs: free and open source software

Purchase: Open Broadcaster Software

Bandi Cam

Bandi Cam

Compatible with Windows, this software captures any part of the screen as video without compromising the quality.

Notable specs: captures everything on the computer screen, records games, works on external devices (webcam, smartphone, etc)

Purchase: Bandi Cam

Pewdiepie 100 million Play Button

PewDiePie 100 Million Play Button

Upon reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube, PewDiePie was gifted a special play button award. Call it one of the many perks that continue to come his way.

Check it out

Office Chair Matt

AiBob Office Chair Mat

While not as glamorous as some of PewDiePie’s other gear, this office chair mat is no less essential.

Notable specs: BPA-free, odourless, ideal for hardwood floors, roll stable grip
Price: from $33

Purchase: Office Chair Mat

led light strip kit

LED Light Strip Kit

Turn your bedroom into a neon paradise with this LED light kit. All PewDiePie asks of you is that you name “your favourite colour, bitch” and “blam that shit on”. An eloquent way to say, try Pewdiepie’s neon lights.

Purchase: LED Light Strip Kit


Air Conditioning Unit

According to Pewds, his A/C unit is the second-best thing about his entire set-up. We couldn’t find his exact model but this one will surely suffice.

Notable specs: reverse cycle system, 2.5kW cooling capacity, 3.2kW heating capacity, room sensor, economy mode
Price: from AU$749

Purchase: Air Conditioner

Gold Thor Hammer Fidget Spinner

Pewds has only just started playing with this thing in his recent videos while he commentates memes and dating shows.

Purchase: Gold Fidget Spinner

pewdiepie camera desk setup studio

Older Pewdiepie Gear & Set-Up

brand new custom computer from origin pc

Brand New Custom Computer from Origin PC

Being one of YouTube’s biggest celebrities definitely has its perks. Among those perks is getting first dibs on a beautiful custom computer from Origin PC. In the words of PewDiePie, the massive PC is “not a beast, it’s a monster”, and “the Mona Lisa of computers”. Proudly displayed are the computer’s structural innards, i.e. an array of colours and tubes and lights and wires. That certainly works for Pewds, who emphasises “the most important thing is that you can show off the different colours to your wamen”. We dive into Pewdiepie’s pc specs for 2019 further below.

Scroll down for Computer Specs further below.

Price: from $699

Purchase: Brand New Custom Computer from Origin PC

lg oled77w7p signature 77 tv

LG OLED77W7P Signature 77″ TV

Massive, sleek, and optimal, this brilliant TV from LG delivers top-shelf colour contrast, active HDR with Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos sound, among other things. As PewDiePie’s background TV, it has the important job of broadcasting his footage crisp and clear. A big job to carry the broadcast of YouTube’s biggest star.

Notable specs: 77 inches, 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K UHD 2160p

Purchase: LG OLED77W7P Signature TV

elgato stream deck

Elgato Stream Deck

Equipped with 15 controls, the Elgato Stream Deck is a content producer’s best friend. Surely, PewDiePie has already mastered it. No #1 Youtuber’s gaming setup would be complete without it.

Notable specs: 15 LCD keys, fully customisable
Price: from $172

Purchase.: Elgato Stream Deck

asus rog swift pg348q gaming monitor for pewdiepie

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Gaming Monitor

PewDiePie gets his game on 34 curvy inches at a time. Specifically, he uses the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Gaming Monitor. It’s fast, brilliant and beautiful.

Notable specs: 1440p IPS panel, ASUS Eye Care technolody, curved ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio
Price: from $1,499.77

Purchase: ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ Gaming Monitor

benq zowie fk1 e sports ambidextrous optical gaming mouse

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse

“You feel the power in the click,” PewDiePie proclaims while taking his new gaming mouse for a test drive. If you want to slay ’em like he does, accept nothing less. This wireless gaming mouse is the level of technology that the doctor ordered.

Notable specs: 3310 optical sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI, Ambidextrous design, 2m cable length
Price: from $59.99

Purchase: BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse

reflex lab large gaming mousepad

Reflex Lab Large Gaming Mousepad

Smooth, thick, comfortable, massive and waterproof, the Reflex Lab Large Gaming Mousepad is ready for all the action PewDiePie can throw its way. Perfect for spilling coffee, or perhaps a bit stronger drinks.

Notable specs: extra large, ultra smooth surface, waterproof, anti-slip rubber backing, machine washable
Price: from $20.99

Purchase: Reflex Lab Large Gaming Mousepad

kitty ears for razer kraken

Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken

Make those Razer Kraken headphones as cute as they are sharp by attaching these adjustable, durable Kitty Ears. That’s the PewDiePie way. Razer Kraken PewDiePie headphones are a nice way to style up your day, and life.

Notable specs: adjustable design
Price: $19.99

Purchase: Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken

humanscale float standing desk

Humanscale Float Standing Desk

Helping PewDiePie maintain a perpetual state of spryness is this magnificent adjustable desk that seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing position. A must-have for avid pc gamers and modern desk-jockeys alike it’s at the core of PewDiePie’s desk setup. Height adjustable, the option to sit or stand, it’s all here. And for more info, see our list of the 12 Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office.

Notable specs: 56 width x 30 depth
Price: from $1,499

Purchase: Humanscale Float Standing Desk

clutch chairz pewdiepie edition throttle series

Clutch Chairz PewDiePie Edition – Throttle Series

No king of the Internet is complete without his trusty throne. Made of prime materials and touting a brilliant ergonomic design, the PewDiePie Edition Cluth gaming chair is accordingly fit for game-playing royalty. A Brofist logo on the back is like the man himself punching you into shape. Get one before it’s gone. But can you do this!?

Notable specs: dura-soft leather, large ergonomic lumbar cushion
Price: $549.99

Purchase: Clutch Chairz PewDiePie Edition Throttle Series

akg pro audio c414 xlii vocal condenser microphone

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone

If you’re wondering “what mic does Pewdiepie use?” It’s this vintage-looking beauty right here. Equipped with a slew of features and touting some majestic gold colour, the AKG Pro Audio Microphone gets the job done. Nevertheless, PewDiePie encourages you not to spend too much money on a microphone because “they’re all the same”. Naturally, some vloggers out there might feel otherwise. No gaming PC build can go without a nice condenser mic.

Notable specs: Sonic character of the famous AKG C12, nine selectable polar patterns, three attenuation levels
Price: from $899

Purchase: AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone

roland rubix 22 usb audio interface

Roland Rubix 22 USB Audio Interface 2 in/2 Out

To channel his gaming and broadcast audio, PewDiePie feeds sound through the Roland RUBIX22. He says it “barely works”, but that’s actually high praise considering he thinks most audio interfaces don’t work at all.

Notable specs: 2-channel USB audio interface, Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio
Price: from $150

Purchase: Roland RUBIX22 Rubix 22 USB Audio Interface 2 in/2 Out

sywon metal mesh and foam layer pop filter

Sywon Metal Mesh and Foam Layer Pop Filter

In line with his new microphone he’s also updated his Pop Filter. Nothing but the best when it comes to transmitting the best quality sound for the world’s most famous Youtuber.

Notable specs: fits 45mm to 63mm diameter microphones
Price: from $9

Purchase: Sywon Metal Mesh and Foam Layer Pop Filter

shure a58ws blk foam windscreen

Shure A58WS-BLK Foam Windscreen

PewDiePie claims to double up with pop filters because “you don’t want your ears to explode” when you’re listening to him. However, we suspect he uses a soft filter inside an outer filter. Regardless, he keeps his sound game tight. Yet another important component of the man’s recording software and accessory arsenal.

Notable specs: varying color options
Price: from $7

Purchase: Shure A58WS-BLK Foam Windscreen

lyxpro balanced xlr cable

LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

No condenser microphone setup is complete without an XLR cable. For that PewDiePie goes with the black LyxPro. Why? Because he wants to. Or maybe it’s the best. You’ll have to ask him yourself.

Notable specs: 1.5 feet to 100 feet options, twin conductive PVC inner shields, 98% braided shield
Price: from $14.99

Purchase: LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

rode psa1 swivel mount studio microphone boom

Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom

PewDiePie can rarely sit still and so naturally he needs a microphone mount that’s as dynamic and flexible as he is. Able to keep up with his ADHD-like agility is the Rode PSA1. A swivel mount studio microphone boom that fits comfortably on most desks.

Notable specs: rotates 360 degrees, maximum reach 32.5 inches horizontally and 33 inches vertically, 2-axis swivel mount
Price: from $119.95

Purchase: Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom

canon xa11 professional camcorder

Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

Along with his new computer, he’s updated his camera from the XA10 to the XA11. It’s got an absolutely nuts 20X optical zoom. We’re really liking the quality of the image from his latest videos too. It has an old school look but don’t be fooled. The video quality is impeccable.

Notable specs: 20x High Definition Optical Zoom Lens, advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with improved low-light performance, 3 inch LCD Touchscreen with tilt able electronic viewfinder
Price: from $1,399

Purchase: Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

zomei q111 55 inch aluminium camera tripod setup

ZOMEI Q111 55-Inch Professional Aluminium Camer Tripod

Update as of April 2017, we’re sure it’s a ZOMEI tripod. But, we’re not 100% it’s this one. At least we’re close. This isn’t the same god damn awful tripod. It doesn’t move! Pewdiepie’s setup would not be complete without something this stable.

Notable specs: adjustable 4 section legs and center column, non-slip rubber feet, center-column hook
Price: from $35.99

Purchase: ZOMEI Q111 55-Inch Professional Aluminium Camera Tripod

rode ntg4 plus shotgun microphone

Life Saving Rode NTG4 PLUS Shotgun Microphone

No gunslinger will last without a spare pistol and when it comes to PewDiePie gear that spare pistol is a shotgun. PewDiePie calls the Rode NTG4 Microphone a “life-saver” on those occasions where he gets so excited he forgets to speak into his normal mic.

Notable specs: broadcast-quality directional condenser microphone
Price: from $289

Purchase: Rode NTG4 PLUS Shotgun Microphone

logitech hd pro webcam c920

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Pewds also recently got this high-end webcam to help with his live-streaming. It records and streams in 1080p. He’s not using it for a second angle in his normal vids.

Notable specs: Full HD 1080P, full HD 1080P
Price: $77.99

Purchase: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

sandisk extreme pro 512 gb sdhc uhs-i card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 GB SDHC UHS-I Card

A good camera needs some fast and massive storage if you’re shooting in high quality. That’s why he’s got the best of the best SD cards with a crazy 90MB/s shot speed and 95MB/s transfer speeds. SanDisk makes top-notch cards across the board, and this is yet another entry.

Notable specs: transfer speeds up tp 95MB/s, UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)
Price: $120

Purchase: SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 GB SDHC UHS-I Card

cateck bus powered usb 3.0 aluminum hub setup

Cateck Bus-Powered USB 3.0 3-Port Aluminum Hub

This took us forever to find but we’re now 100% sure this is the right one. With a sleep apple-like design (even though he’s got a PC), it’s ideal to match his ASUS screens.

Notable specs: plug and play, adds 3 USB 3.0 ports and 2 card reader slots
Price: $16.99

Purchase: Cateck Bus-Powered USB 3.0 3-Port Aluminum Hub

honor 7x smartphone

Honor 7x Smartphone

What’s better than the Honor 7x Smartphone’s edge-to-edge screen and 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution graphics? The unbeatable price point, of course. If you were wondering what phone does Pewdiepie use, you’re now understanding that he’s one smart shopper.

Notable specs: edge-to-edge scree, 1080 FHD+ resolution
Price: from $300

Purchase: Honor 7x Smartphone

white cable management boxes

White Cable Management Boxes

When it comes to Pewd’s new computer, of course he “treats her with respect”. That entails keeping all those cables properly managed inside boxes. These roomy cable management boxes are just what the doctor ordered.

Notable specs: uderdesk organiser, top flip door, side openings

Purchase: White Cable Management Boxes

velcro cable management straps

Velcro Cable Management Straps

PewDiePie’s devout “respect” for his computer’s lustrous locks continues with these velcro cable management straps. They’re the “perfect solution” to his cable management needs. Keeping his cable contained throughout the most intense PC gaming sessions.

Notable specs: reusable
Price: from $7

Purchase: Velcro Cable Management Straps

people people transparent speaker

People People Transparent Speaker

PewDiePie is acclaimed for being open and transparent with his followers, which was perhaps his motivation when buying this minimalist speaker system that comes enclosed in a see-through case. On the other hand, he doesn’t exactly strike us as the symbolic type so maybe these are just a damn good set of speakers that blend perfectly with all the other exceptional PewDiePie gear.

Notable specs: wireless Bluetooth connectivity, active 2.1 stereo speaker, 3″ full range drivers, 6.5″ subwoofer, built-in amplifier
Price: from $1,100

Purchase: People People Transparent Speaker

dyson air multiplier tower fan

Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan

How does the Pewds keep it cool when all the gaming and vlogging action gets hot? He uses the Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan. It offers 10 settings, a programmable sleep timer and quiet, powerful airflow. Arguably the best tower fan for cooling you down while the gaming gets hot.

Notable specs: patented Air Multiplier technology, quiet and powerful, sleep timer
Price: from $478.99

Purchase: Dyson Air Multiplier Tower Fan

nanoleaf light panels

Nanoleaf Light Panels

PewDiePie gets his interior glow on with Nanoleaf Light Panels. The smart lighting system is WiFi equipped and compatible with mobile devices. Add up to 30 panels at a time and bask in their epic luminosity. Brighten up your room, and your electric bill, with these Pewdiepie wall lights.

Notable specs: modular LED light panels, dimmable via app
Price: from $60/3 panels

Purchase: Nanoleaf Light Panels

50" ultra hd 4k pro panasonic hdr led television

50″ Ultra HD 4K Pro Panasonic HDR LED Television

Like the digital gangster that he is, PewDiePie keeps this Ultra HD Panasonic TV mounted on the side of his desk. Consider it proof that the man can simply never have too many HD screens in his life. So when we ask ‘what tv does Pewdiepie use?’ Well, the answer is… a lot.

Notable specs: 4K Pro HDR, Studio Colour HCX2 Processor, Picture Tuned in Hollywood

Purchase: 50″ Ultra HD 4K Pro Panasonic HDR LED Television

pew news mug

Pew News Mug

Pew pew pew pew pew pewww!!! From the most legitimate news source on the planet, this mug is dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Purchase: Pew News Mug

gfuel twitch shaker cup

GFUEL Twitch Shaker Cup

Pewds can’t sit still for more than ten seconds at a time, making the GFUEL Twitch Shaker Cup a product after his own heart. Unfortunately, the cup is no longer available for purchase, but we’re name-dropping it anyway.

GFUEL Twitch Shaker Cup

fidget block original

Fidget Block Original

Spotted on PewDiePie’s desk was the Fidget Block, which helps reduce stress for high anxiety types. In other words: a perfect tool for PewDiePie.

Purchase: Fidget Block Original

gibson les paul custom electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar, Ebony

As historic as the many people who play it, the Gibson Les Paul is a sweet axe if there ever was one. Pewd’s is black and beautiful. If you go back far enough, you can find him playing the occasional blues lick, sometimes with his teeth. What? You were expecting him to play it like a normal person? He’s a man of many talents.

Price: from $4,699

Purchase: Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar, Ebony

hercules xiii ipad pro stand

Hercules XIII iPad Pro Stand

No matter how menial the object, there’s always room in PewDiePie’s world for the creative touch. For proof, look no further than the Hercule iPad Pro Stand. You know you want one.

Notable specs: sculptural tablet stand, hand-cast in museum-quality resin
Price: $195

Purchase: Hercules XIII iPad Pro Stand

ipad pro

iPad Pro

When he needs to take his computing on the go, PewDiePie doesn’t waste time with imitators. His iPad Pro keeps it classic, functional and approachable just like it should.

Purchase: iPad Pro

a clockwork orange movie poster

A Clockwork Orange Movie Poster

Stanley Kubrick’s ultra-violent film about a criminal and his droogs in a futuristic society is a visual tour de force. PewDiePie commemorates the film by slapping this poster on his wall. Apparently, gamers can have great taste in movies after all.

Price: from $17

Purchase: A Clockwork Orange Movie Poster

origin pc poster

Origin PC Poster

As if his epic new computer wasn’t enough, PewDiePie further celebrates Origin PC by way of this killer poster. Pewdiepie’s pc is certainly a beast of gaming machines, as are all Origin PCs.

Purchase: Origin PC Poster

evangelion movie poster

Evangelion: The End of Evangelion Movie Poster

Anyone who follows PewDiePie knows he’s a big fan of anime, manga, and essentially all things Japanese. Accordingly, this Evangelion movie poster goes perfectly on his wall.

Purchase: Evangelion: The End of Evangelion Movie Poster

pewds animated wallpaper illuminati faze

Pewds Animated Wallpaper – illuminati FaZe

Yes, we even tracked down the wallpaper on PewDiePie’s monitors. Isn’t it beautiful?

Purchase: Pewds Animated Wallpaper – illuminati FaZe

origin pc genesis case

Origin PC Genesis Case

Origin PC’s tallest desktop model is a symphony of aluminium, steel, and your choice of either glass or aluminium side panels. PewDiePie loves the brilliantly designed case as much as he loves everything else about his new baby. The best housing for a top of the line Origin PC.

Purchase: Origin PC Genesis Case

asus prime x299 motherboard

ASUS PRIME X299 Motherboard

Engineered for the best in connectivity and speed, the ASUS PRIME X299 is the mother of all motherboards. No gaming rig would be complete without an optimal motherboard like this one.

Price: from $37,998

Purchase: ASUS PRIME X299 Motherboard

intel i9 7980xe

Intel I9 7980XE (2.6-4.2 GHZ) CPU

Delivering up to 4.2 GHZ, the Intel I9 is a pure juggernaut of computing. PewDiePie puts it best when he says, “Goddamn that’s powerful.”

Notable specs: Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 up to 4.40GHz, 18 Cores/36 Threads
Price: from $2,258.9

Purchase: Intel I9 7980XE (2.6-4.2 GHZ) CPU

64gb g.skill trident z rgb ram

64GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM

Here to serve PewDiePie’s memory needs with bright and colour-changing style is 64GB DDR4 RGB RAM from G.Skill. Speed up your computer’s loading process with this top of the line RAM.

Price: from $370 (4x)

Purchase: 64GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM

dual 11gb nvidia evga gtx geforce 1080 ti

Dual 11GB NVIDIA EVGA GTX Geforce 1080 TI (Liquid Cooled) GPU

Bolstered by liquid cooling and branded with PewDiePie’s own signature (on his custom edition that is), the NVIDIA GTX 1080 delivers that “extra, extra power” for when he’s “recording Happy Wheels”. Also says PewDiePie, “This is like two really strong Swedish men right here…it doesn’t get more powerful than this.” A top of the line graphics card for anyone’s gaming requirements.

Price: from $1,085

Purchase: Dual 11GB NVIDIA EVGA Geforce 1080 TI (Liquid Cooled) GPU

500gb samsung 960 evo m.2 ssd

500GB Samsung 960 Evo M.2 SSD

Putting some extra “solid” in solid state drive is the Samsung 960 Evo.

Notable specs: sequential read speeds up to 3200MB/s, sequential write speeds up to 1800MB/s
Price: from $230.43

Purchase: 500GB Samsung 960 Evo M2 Drive

4tb samsung 850 evo ssd

4TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

Located “somewhere inside the computer” is a whopping 4TB of memory, courtesy of the Samsung 850 EVO SSD. According to PewDiePie’s girlfriend, thats a good thing because he “has no memory”. Good one, Marzia.

Notable specs: 4TB
Price: from $1,090

Purchase: 4TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

1.3kw evga supernova g2 psu


Rounding out the monolithic computer’s bevy of specs is a 1.3KW EVGA Supernova G2 PSU. It keeps all that power running smoothly and efficiently.

Notable specs: 80 PLUS Gold certified, 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency
Price: from $289

Purchase: 1.3KW EVGA Supernove G2 PSU

akai professional mpd218 sound board

Akai Professional MPD218 Sound Board

He’s recently got a soundboard and put it in frame so you know he’s doing the sound effects. He’s the one doing that sh*t, stepping it up in 2017!

Notable specs: ultra portable, USB powered, with 16 Thick Fat MPC pads, 18 fully assignable 360 degree potentiometers
Price: from $120

Purchase: Akai Professional MPD218 Soundboard

desk hammock

Desk Hammock

The PewDiePie desk setup isn’t all flashy gear and technology. Giving his feet some extra downtime is this tiny hammock, which elicited yet another round of sensual reverberations from PewDiePie after he introduced it–a ringing endorsement if we ever heard one! PewDiePie’s foot hammock is enough to relax your dogs during an intense gaming session.

Price: from $9

Purchase: Desk Hammock

neewer camera ring light aka

Neewer Camera Ring Light aka “Beauty Light”

PewDiePie doesn’t need the Neewer Camera Ring Light to look good but having it probably doesn’t hurt. What, you thought he just naturally possessed such a radiant glow?

Purchase: Neewer Camera Ring Light

neewer collapsible photography video light softbox diffuser

Neewer Collapsible Photography Video Light Softbox Diffuser

Since you might not just be interested in PewDiePie gear, but are potentially set on actually being the next PewDiePie, we figured we should mention that you’ll also need a diffuser for that camera ring light mentioned above.

Price: from $12

Purchase: Neewer 45cm Collapsible Photography Video Light Softbox Diffuser

huge ass white digital clock

Huge Ass White Digital Clock

He might not know how to read military time, but what’s important to PewDiePie is that he knows how long he’s been commenting on the latest video game. He uses this white digital clock to stay on point. Timekeeping made easy!

Notable specs: big display, smart and manual backlight

Purchase: White Digital Clock

dope ass master of boards whiteboard

Dope Ass Master of Boards Whiteboard

In spite of his purely improvisational vibe, PewDiePie actually keeps things tight and organized on this “dope ass” whiteboard. At least he says it’s for organization purposes. In the video he uses it to draw some male genitalia and then moves on so who really knows.

Price: from $99.99

Purchase: Master of Boards Drywipe Magnetic Whiteboard

wesco pushboy junior 175 531-25 bin

Wesco Pushboy Junior 175 531-25 Bin

All hail the trash bin! Hey, you want to be like PewDiePie or not? For those who didn’t see the video, PewDiePie kneels in worship before this Wesco Pushboy. Then a dog pops out. Yeah, he’s definitely an eccentric guy.

Price: from $90

Purchase: Wesco Pushboy Junior Bin

gizmac accessories server rack

Gizmac Accessories Server Rack

Housing a small arsenal of hardware for PewDiePie is this server rack, which he locks at night “so no one touches his shit”. That’s right, that’s right, that’s right (his words, not ours). His server cabinet is definitely on the pricey end.

Purchase: Gizmac Accessories Server Rack

pewd maingear custom pc

Pewd’s Maingear Custom PC

So he’s finally updated his PC with some psychedelic red paint and a custom build thanks to the friends at MainGear. If you really want to check out the specs, you can watch the 6 hour long build of his PC here (we couldn’t be bothered as despite Pewds being on the phone, he wasn’t in the video). If anyone wants to send us the spec, please tweet us at @manofmany.

Price: from $749

Purchase: Pewdiepie’s Maingear Custom PC

plastic drawers

Plastic Drawers

Like PewDiePie we know how to end on a high note. Introducing PewDiePie’s…plastic drawers! Yeah, bitch! “They go out” and he’s “got all kinds of shit!” You thought he was a “dirty ho” but you thought wrong, bitch!

Price: from $36

Purchase: Sterilite Plastic Drawers

danny devito cardboard cutout

Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout

Speaks for itself.

Price: from $69.97

Purchase: Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout

ainsley men laughing


Did he die?

Price: from $69.97

Purchase: Ainsley Cardboard Cutout

brofist neon sign

BroFist Neon Sign

All about that logo and branding bro.

Price: from $499

Purchase: BroFist Neon Sign

10 hour red apple cinnamon scented votive candles

10 Hour Red Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles

To set the mood.

Price: from $11.99

Purchase: 10 Hour Red Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles

razer mamba tournament edition

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition

Spry as a snake, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition mouse comes equipped with a 16,000 DPI sensor and a lift-off cut-off distance of 0.1mm. The result is painstaking accuracy and lightning-fast response times. PewDiePie accepts nothing less–nor should you.

Notable specs: 16,000 DPI gaming mouse sensor, 2.1 meter / 7 feet braided fiber USB cable
Price: from $129.99

Purchase: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition

3m gel wrist rest for mouse

3M Gel Wrist Rest for Mouse

Keeping PewDiePie’s wrist comfortable during all those intense gaming sessions is this Gel Wrist Rest from 3M. More than plush and supportive, it’s also antimicrobial.

Notable specs: leatherette cover with antimicrobial product protection, 3M gel technology
Price: from $18.93

Purchase: 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Mouse

razer deathstalker expert gaming keyboard

Razer DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard

Razer is the name when it comes to the game, and the DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard is one good reason why. It glows in the dark and features 10-key rollover, 2mm chiclet keycaps and an ergonomic rest. As if that wasn’t enough, the Razer Synapse 2.0 software automatically saves your (or PewDiePie’s) personal settings. A terrific Razer gaming keyboard to go along with his gaming desk.

Notable specs: slim keycaps, short travel distance, rapid-fire actuations
Price: from $80

Purchase: DeathStalker Expert Gaming Keyboard

razer firefly chroma cloth gaming mouse pad

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

That flash new mouse needs a flash new keyboard, yo!

Notable specs: customisable chroma RGB lighting, 14″x10″, anti-slip rubber base
Price: from $41

Purchase: Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

lyxpro balanced xlr cable

LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

He use to use a red LyxPro cable.

Notable specs: twin conductive PVC inner shields
Price: from $15

Purchase: LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

steinberg ur22mkii 2 channel usb interface

Steinberg UR22MKII 2-Channel USB Interface

Before the sound of PewDiePie’s energetic voice hits your ears it passes through a nifty Steinberg interface that comes equipped with two pre-amps and a slew of control features. PewDiePie says he doesn’t know how “this baby” works and he doesn’t have to because the little box does just fine handling his spastic outbursts of exuberance all on its own.

Notable specs: 2 x 2 USB 2.0 audio interface, 2 x D-PRE, 192 kHz support
Price: from $177

Purchase: Steinberg UR22MKII 2-Channel USB Interface

canon xa10 professional camcorder

Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder

Update: He no longer uses this. Given his line of work it’s safe to say that PewDiePie is pretty picky when it comes to his camera gear. To put it simply, if you like the way PewDiePie’s videos look then you’ll like the Canon XA10.

Notable specs: 64GB internal flash drive, Canon native 1920 x 1080 CMOS image sensor, Canon DIGIC DV III image processor
Price: from $793

Purchase: Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder

spray painted gaming h2100 dolby 7.1 wireless headset

Spray Painted (PINK & GREEN) Corsair Gaming H2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. Took us a while to finally work out what these were, but they are clearly the Corsair Gaming H2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset. Pewds has spray painted them pink and green and also wrapped some black gaffer tape around the head-band at the top.

Notable specs: Dolby 7.1 surround, 2.4GHz wireless freedom (up to 40 feet), up to 10 hours
Price: from $99.99

Purchase: Corsair Gaming H2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

audioengine a5+ premium powered speaker pair

Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair

With built-in power amplifiers, these are the perfect desktop zone monitors, even among genuine audiophiles. Pewds definitely has some good taste.

Notable specs: RCA and 3.5mm inputs, subwoofer output, custom aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, built-in power amps, hand-built wood cabinets
Price: from $399

Purchase: Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair

desktop monitor speaker stands by gear4music

Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands by Gear4music

These are small enough to fit on his big ass white desk and sit neatly atop his ASUS monitors.

Notable specs: height adjustable, non-slip rubber base and top plate
Price: from £29.99

Purchase: Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands by Gear4music

sennheiser rs 170 digital wireless headphones

Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphones

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. PewDiePie definitely needs dependable headphones and it’s not just because he probably loves the sound of his own voice. These Sennheiser’s give his ears premium comfort and superb audio. Naturally, they’re wireless so PewDiePie can (in his own words) “move around and do shit” like “kick the wall if I want to”. Don’t worry, he doesn’t want to…yet. The Sennheiser RS 170s have been discontinued so get them while they last.

Notable specs: closed circumaural digital wireless headphones, multi-receiver transmission up to 4 people
Price: from $132.95

Purchase: Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphones

sweet assssss glorious extended gaming mouse pad

Sweet Assssss Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. When it comes to the broad array of gear at PewDiePie’s disposal, one might not expect him to utter an orgasmic purr on the heels of introducing a mouse pad, but on the other hand he is a strange fellow and this is one hell of a luxurious mouse pad.

Notable specs: 36″x11″x0.12″, non-slip rubber base
Price: from $23.99

Purchase: Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

corsair vengeance m95 performance mmo/rts

Corsair Vengeance M95 Performance MMO/RTS Laser Gaming Mouse

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. A mouse is to a gamer what a gun is to a hunter so if you want to make sure you kill the end boss then you better damn well have a great mouse on hand. PewDiePie ensures that no click goes unanswered with the Corsair Vengeance Gaming Mouse, which sounds as cool as it looks.

Notable specs: 8200 DPI laser sensor, 15 programmable buttons, selectable response times (1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz)

Purchase: Corsair Vengeance M95 Performance MMO/RTS Laser Gaming Mouse

kbc poker 3 mechanical keyboard

KBC Poker 3 Mechanical Keyboard

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. Gracing the PewDiePie desk set up is “the tiniest keyboard out there” in his words. Nevertheless, it’s a damn fine looking keyboard and odds are it performs with maximum precision. The KBC Poker 3 features ABS dual coating keycaps and white backlit metal casing and exudes a literal glow.

Notable specs: 60% ultra compact keyboard, PBT laser etched keycaps
Price: from $119

Purchase: KBC Poker 3 Mechanical Keyboard with White Case

shure sm7b vocal dynamic microphone

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

Twitter user @sivemorten thinks he’s using the Shure SM7B, UPDATE: BUT HE WAS WRONG! 😉 . So now we’re not sure who to believe! Either way, you can purchase one below if you want to go with him… or us 😉

Notable specs: flat and wide-range frequency response, improved rejection of electromagnetic hum
Price: $399

Purchase: Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

rode nt1kit condenser microphone

Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone

Update April-17: Should’ve stuck with our original guess that this is in fact the one he uses. The Rode NT1KIT Condenser is a reliable microphone with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range that gets the job done at an affordable rate. To quote PewDiePie, “As long as you can yell in it, that’s all you need baby.” Naturally, the Rode perhaps deserves a little more appreciation given the fact that it manages to make PewDiePie’s somewhat broken English sound more or less clear as day on a consistent basis.

Notable specs: Ultra-low noise, self noise of only 4.5dB
Price: from $269

Purchase: Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone

razer deathadder chroma mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse

Update: He no longer uses this. He changed up his mouse and keyboard to Razor. We think it’s for the pretty rainbow lights but it could also be Razor’s epic performance. It has a crazy 10,000 DPI optical sensor and capable of capturing movements of up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.

Notable specs: 10,000dpi optical sensor, mouse movement speeds of up to 200 inches per second, 16.8 million customizable color
Price: $89.99

Purchase: Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse

razer blackwidow x chroma keyboard

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Keyboard

Update: He no longer uses this. His keyboard yo. Complete with mechanical switches for hard-core gaming. All the keys are fully programmable for convenience.

Notable specs: Razer mechanical switches, powered by Razer Chroma
Price: $109.99

Purchase: Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Keyboard

razer kraken pro v2 analog gaming headset

Razer Kraken Pro V2 Analog Gaming Headset

Update: He no longer uses this. In addition to changing out his keyboard and mouse for Razer, he’s forgone his pink spray-painted headphones (listed below) and replaced them with some Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphones. They look absolutely massive on his head.

Notable specs: 50 mm Razer custom-tuned drivers
Price: $79.99

Purchase: Razer Kraken Pro V2 Analog Gaming Headset

asus mx27uq monitor

ASUS MX27UQ Monitor

Update: He no longer uses this. For someone like PewDiePie, graphic resolution and monitor performance are essential. The ASUS MX27UQ Monitor offers a frameless LED display and utilizes state-of-the-art eye care technology to ensure that the Youtube star doesn’t basically go blind during his binge sessions.

Notable specs: 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, ASUS Eye Care technology, 3W x 2 Stereo, RMS, with 3Wx2 Amplifier, SonicMaster sound optimization technology

Purchase: Asus MX27UQ Monitor

excelvan portable 100 inch wall hd 4k projector screen

Excelvan Portable 100 Inch 16:9 1.2 Gain Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized HD 4K Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

Update July-18: He no longer uses this. The Excelvan Projector Screen actually “works pretty well”, according to Pewds. He painted his green so he could churn out special effects right there at home. Sure, he could’ve hired someone else for the job, but “it’s more personal this way”. As Pewds himself asks, “Are you not impressed?”

Notable specs: 100 inch diagonal, 16:9 screen format, over 160 degree wide viewing angle

Purchase: Excelvan Portable 100 Inch 16:9 1.2 Gain Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized HD 4K Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

green screen paint

Green Screen Paint

Update July-18: He no longer uses this. You can’t paint your projector screen green the PewDiePie way without some proper green screen paint!

Notable specs: matte green paint
Price: from $107.89

Purchase: Green Screen Paint

video studio lights

Video Studio Lights

As with his audio game, PewDiePie keeps a firm grip on lighting. If he’s not looking good, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

Purchase: Video Studio Lights

neumann tlm 102 condenser microphone

Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone

Update April-17: He no longer uses this. Hardcore PewDiePie gear-heads have noted his past (possibly endorsed) shout-outs to the Neumann TLM so there’s a chance he uses it in addition to the trusty Rode mics seen in his video. With a painstakingly high sound pressure level, the Neumann has a loyal following and delivers clean, premium audio capture.

Notable specs: large-diaphragm microphone, compact Neumann design, presence boost above 6 kHz helping vocals to shine
Price: from $699

Purchase: Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone

General FAQ

What phone does PewDiePie use?

He uses a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

What keyboard does PewDiePie use?

He uses the Ghost A1 – PEWDIEPIE Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

What is PewDiePie's net worth?

He is estimated to make upwards of US$50 million per year according to

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