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Marques Brownlee

Six Best YouTube Tech Reviewers

When buying new technology sometimes it’s helpful to get some advice from a reputable source. Stuff going into the apple shop and dealing with those Geniuses. All the experts you need can be found on YouTube. There are a number of smart, highly motivated and awesome reviewers of everything tech on YouTube, right now. The videos they produce are high quality, entertaining and absolutely crispy. So here are six of the top YouTubers Tech Reviewers you need to subscribe to right now. Seriously. It’s their entire life to help you with your tech choices.

Note: Subscriber numbers are as at the time of writing.

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1. Austin Evans

The nerdy one of the group. And we don’t mean that in an offensive way either. Having over 1.2 million subscribers, his true passion for gaming and tech comes out in his videos, particularly in his PC builds that just get you excited to go put some tech together yourself. His “Top Five Gaming Life Hacks” has almost 4 million views, so it’s obvious he has figures to back up what he’s putting out there. What I love about his videos is that he doesn’t stray from the technical specs of the equipment. Providing you with quick tit-bits in short succinct videos. Make sure to check out his XBOX vs PlayStation series.

Name: Austin Evans
Country: United States
Subscribers to date: 4.9M subscribers
Views to date: 1,055,754,200 views
Date joined: August 5, 2007

Austin Evans

2. DigitalRev TV

I’ve only discovered these guys recently after they popped up on a YouTube playlist. While they’re photography-focused, they bring you their videos with a great deal of slapstick and brilliantly delivered humour. Kai W’s voice is truly made for radio (or commentating YouTube videos. They’re not scared to f*ck up their equipment either for the sake of a good laugh, whether it’s burning a camera with a blowtorch or hitting it with a golf club. With around 1.4 million subscribers, if you’re into photography and cameras, Kai is a must-follow.

Name: DigitalRev TV – Richard Yu, Kai Man Wong
Subscribers to date: 1.91M subscribers
Views to date: 431,693,426 views
Date joined: August 30, 2007

DigitalRev TV

3. Jonathan Morrison

The “cooler” dude of the group with a love for all things Chicago Bulls. Jonathan has really come into his own as of late, pumping out a crazy amount of content. With a great booming voice, he often gives you tips on how to film similar videos yourself or how he goes about his editing. His video production is extremely professional, or as he likes to say “CRIPSY”. He has over 1 million subscribers but deserves a lot more. His “Dream Desk” episode gave me tingles. The desk, not Jonathan.

Name: Jonathan Morrison
Country: United States
Subscribers to date: 2.66M subscribers
Views to date: 427,224,813 views
Date joined: March 25, 2010

Jonathan Morrison

4. Unbox Therapy

Lewis Hilsenteger, aka Unbox Therapy, is the joker amongst the pack. Famous for his iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video but he’s been in the YouTube game slumming it for much longer. He truly deserves his success with a different take on his reviews to other counterparts. He strays away from the technical details and focuses much more on the usability of the products and his first impressions. That’s what is so great about his videos. We genuinely get to discover the products with Lewis himself and share in the excitement of unboxing a product. With over 3.5 million subscribers, this reviewer’s videos get a ton of play-action. His review of the “$8000 Robot” was awesome.

Name: Unbox Therapy – Lewis Hilsenteger
Country: Canada
Subscribers to date: 17.8M subscribers
Views to date: 3,979,206,122 views
Date joined: December 21, 2010

Unbox Therapy

5. Tested

Will (unfortunately who’s now moved on) and Norm is the brains and talent behind Tested. True nerds at heart in every sense of the word. They are makers, loving everything from electronics to 6th scale models and costumes. Their podcasts are well worth a listen to, often featuring Adam Savage who himself is a big part of Tested. Their tech reviews are probably the most in-depth of the bunch given that they are often in excess of an hour each. This YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers but one video that stands out is their outdoor video on DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone. Not only are they highly knowledgeable about all things tech, but they also play off each other nicely.

Name: Adam Savage’s Tested
Country: United States
Subscribers to date: 5.4M subscribers
Views to date: 1,070,056,572 views
Date joined: March 9, 2010



Marques Brownlee is a god amongst men when it comes to reviewing tech. His videos are TRULY works of art and beautifully shot with the highest production quality you can find online. He spends the time to get to know the products before delivering his verdict which is what I love. The videos are concise and every second is packed either with an informative piece of info or a stunning visual of the product. He actually educates you about the products. Rather than assuming you know what he’s talking about he’ll take you through a topic like USB-C so you can then go and explain it perfectly to your friends. His favourite topic is probably smartphones with our favourite being his yearly Smartphone Awards. Marques is personable, has a great soothing voice, and keeps you up to date with all his “dope tech”.

Name: Marques Brownlee
Country: United States
Subscribers to date: 13.6M subscribers
Views to date: 2,402,992,253 views
Date joined: March 21, 2008


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