PowerUp 4.0 Lets You Control Paper Planes on a Smartphone

It’s one of the first things you ever learn to make. It’s also one of the things that you never stop making. Whenever you have a spare moment and a piece of paper, no doubt you find yourself folding tight, crisp lines until you have a paper airplane. PowerUp Toys lets you take that simple paper airplane and step it up into a remote controlled airplane.

Power Up paper airplanes

PowerUp 4.0 builds on previous iterations of the module, adding in a second propeller for more power. It has enough power that you’re not just limited to paper, but can also fly planes made of cardboard, foam board, and even balsa wood. It also has an onboard computer with two sensors—a gyro and an accelerometer. Using these sensors, PowerUp can control and maintain flight, which means that even if you have the worst folded plane ever, it will still fly. It will even fly into the wind and do aerobatics. And should you need to step away, or if you just want to watch the brilliance of your airplane, you can put PowerUp 4.0 in auto-loop mode, and the plane will keep flying until you come back to it.

Power Up app view

To control the plane, you use your smartphone, which connects to the unit via Bluetooth. You’ll have a 230 foot range and the capacity to fly up to 20 miles per hour. The connection to your smartphone also allows PowerUp to track your flight, reporting back to you with real-time analytics to help you improve your airplane (it even provides tips and suggestions of things you might consider). You’ll get a 10 minute flight out of the battery, which only takes 25 minutes to fully charge. The unit itself is made of carbon fiber, so it’s both lightweight and durable. Crashes aren’t a problem as the components are protected. It comes with two rear wheels and one front wheel to assist in takeoff and landing, and you can also equip LEDs for night flying, or just because.

Power Up

You’ll always have paper airplanes as a source of entertainment, but now you can step it up to the next level, adding power and maneuverability with PowerUp 4.0.

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Power Up on mobile phone

Power Up use smartphone to control the plane