Predator Thronos Gaming Throne is Fit for a Gaming King

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call the Predator Thronos for Acer a gaming “throne.” It’s more of a cockpit, if anything. The system is so completely immersive that you’ll be thoroughly lost in the action of the game you’re playing.

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The Predator Thronos starts out looking a bit like a scorpion. The chair is in the middle, with arm rests on each side and a swing arm that holds your keyboard, mouse, and other gear. Above the chair is a scorpion arm, with three monitors where the stinger would be. When you sit down on the chair, you use the control pad to lower the scorpion arch, which brings the monitors down in front of you creating a panoramic view. The three curved Predator displays fill the entirety of your vision, including your peripherals. The chair also tilts back and extends a footrest, putting you in a semi-reclined position, leaning back to 140 degrees, that is more comfortable for gaming. There’s also a foot rest that you can use when not reclined to add to your comfort. Inside the chair are haptics that let you feel every detail of the game, “whether it’s the snap of a branch or a rocket fired at a demonic horde.”

Predator Gaming Throne

If the functional design isn’t enough to give you the futuristic look you’re wanting, the black metal of the hardened exterior with its cutouts for RGB lighting will complete the feel. In addition to the Predator monitors, Thronos is also compatible with the Predator mouse, keyboard, and headset. You can also use the Orion 9000 desktop with Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics to get the most out of your Thronos setup.

Predator Thronos Gaming Throne

The Predator Thronos Gaming Throne starts at $29,999 and requires a ground floor location that is eight feet wide, eight feet deep, and eight feet high, which will turn your gaming site into an immersive environment.

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