Shinola Celebrates Detroit with Custom Monopoly Edition

Shinola, a luxury design brand that markets a wide variety of items, is based out of Detroit, Michigan, so it only makes sense that they would celebrate their hometown with custom Detroit edition of the popular Monopoly board game.

Monopoly Detroit Edition

In 2011, the company obtained the rights to Shinola, which had been the name of a defunct shoe polish company. Shinola operates out of the historic Argonaut Building. It’s there that the company operates an in-house watch and leather factory, and where they hand assemble bicycles. Their teams of artisans assemble luxury watches and create leather straps by hand.

They also partner with other legacy companies to manufacture specialty items—like the Detroit Monopoly game. Shinola is committed to using only the best quality components for their products, and that commitment shines through in the items you purchase from them.

shinola Monopoly Detroit Edition

The Detroit Edition Monopoly game from Shinola features the staples and icons of the motor city. From Woodward Avenue to Bagley Street, you’ll find all the famous geographical locations that you’ve ever heard of when in Detroit, including the famed Motorcity Casino. Instead of train stations, you can purchase highway routes like Interstate 75 or 94. Taking the place of the Community Chest cards is the Kresge Foundation, which is a local philanthropic organisation.

The game tokens celebrate both the Monopoly game and Shinola. For fans of Monopoly, you can play as the Scottish Terrier, old-fashioned car, or the iron. Shinola fans will recognise the clock token and the Runwell Turntable. All the tokens have been done in an antique finish. The game board acts as the lid of a storage compartment where you can keep all the game parts—the money, cards, hotels, houses, and tokens.

The game is made from black lacquered solid mahogany and is just as much a display piece as it is a fun time for family and friends.

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