Sony Confirms PlayStation 5’s Name & Release Date in 2020

After much dithering to the chagrin of its loyal gaming fans, Japanese tech giant Sony has finally announced that the next iteration of its famous PlayStation entertainment console will indeed retain the PlayStation moniker, with the name “PlayStation 5”. It has also confirmed that it will reach the market next year.

PlayStation 5 will feature haptic feedback technology in its all-new controllers, replacing the iconic “rumble” that has been endemic to the beloved console since its very first release in 1994. Haptic technology, which is already standard across many different types of tech including smartphones and car steering wheels, will offer a broader range of feedback, according to the company.

Sony is also talking about the inclusion of what it calls “adaptive triggers”, which will offer increased resistance to the R2/L2 in certain gaming conditions, such as high tension as a user draws back a bow, or requires more force when driving through rugged terrain on a driving game.

The new controller will charge via USB-C, as is becoming standard across most forms of new technology to hit the market, though Sony is yet to confirm whether the new controller will be called “DualShock 5” yet, in keeping with tradition. Wired magazine, who have seen the new controller hands-on, have reported it almost identical to the controller that came standard with the PS4.

Wired has also confirmed that the PS5 will employ standard 100GB Blu-ray discs. Sony had already confirmed that the console will offer a disc drive some time back, but, somewhat annoyingly, all games will have to be installed to the internal solid-state drive on the new model (though this is one of the fastest on the market).

This is the most news Sony has released since their tease of information earlier in the year, but there is still a lot we don’t know about PlayStation 5, including design and cost, but given the fact that they are setting a (somewhat) concrete release date, more information should become apparent sooner rather than later.