Stilo ST5VR Helmet Lets You Virtually Race Any Car

For as immersive as virtual reality headsets are getting, they never quite completely replicate the feeling of being on the track in a car. The problem is that those headsets can’t reproduce the squeeze of the pads on your cheek or the weight of the helmet on your head. Prolific automotive racing helmet producer Stilo has solved that problem with their ST5VR Racing Helmet, which is designed to house the Oculus Rift.

Stilo ST5VR Racing Game side view helmet

The Oculus Rift already does an impressive job when it comes to virtual reality. It’s one of the gaming world’s best offerings so far. Stilo turned to them to help create the helmet which they envision as being used to create virtual reality simulations that can be used for more immersive training. With the combination of helmet and Oculus Rift, the driver will get a more realistic feeling for movement and weight distribution. To counter the extra weight of the Oculus Rift in the front of the helmet, the back of the helmet features adjustable weights—that way you won’t feel the helmet’s visor pulling your head down into your own lap. The experience promises to be so real that Stilo promises, “you will naturally move as if you are wearing a racing helmet inside the cockpit of your car!”

Stilo ST5VR Racing Game helmet

It’s not just race driving trainees that will benefit from this helmet. Those of us who will never get the chance to drive certain cars or to experience iconic circuits can finally have a chance to get a taste of what those select few get to experience. You can drive virtually any car and on just about any track—from Nurburgring to Sebring, Laguna Seca, Mount Panorama, Monaco, Monza, and more. The ST5VR helmet is available from Stilo, but you will have to get your own Oculus Rift (no worries on attaching it, Stilo promises that it is a simple process to mount the Oculus Rift to the helmet).

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