The Analogue Editions: Ghostly and Analogue Game Console Looks and Sounds Unique

Ghostly International is one of the world’s top electronic music labels. Analogue makes custom aftermarket Super Nintendo consoles. If pairing the two companies together sounds like a match made in heaven, then you’re right.

analogue edition game console

Analogue recently revealed their Ghostly LE version of the Super Nintendo. The console plays SNES cartridges on modern TVs—nothing new from their standard version. What makes the Ghostly version different is the seven distinct startup chimes. Ghostly artists like Gold Panda and Shigeto composed the chimes. They’re not long; the longest comes in at just 10 seconds. They are, however, unique to the system. If the startup chimes aren’t enough, the console also has new startup animations created by Fez designer Phil Fish.

switch game console

The console sports a clean, white look with the Ghostly International logo on the front. The unit will be limited to just 1,000 units, and the price reflects that. The Ghostly console will sell for USD$249.99, $60 more than the original console. Alleviating part of that price increase is the fact that the Ghostly console comes bundled with a wireless control and adapter.

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ghostly analogue console