Tiffany & Co.’s Luxurious Ping Pong Set

This is an essential piece of office equipment, Ronda. I don’t believe there’s no room in the budget for it. Make it happen.

Part of Tiffany & Co.’s ‘Everyday Objects’ collection, these table tennis paddles are a luxurious alternative to the traditional style. If subpar hand-eye coordination skills have been leaving a bitter taste in your mouth, this set might sweeten things up – a great addition to any workplace tournament or weekend basement battle.

Whilst other items from the collection like a AU$16,300 sterling silver ball of yarn may have regular stores reconsidering their definition of ‘everyday object’, this one is clearly an essential… The set includes two paddles carved from American walnut, both wrapped with full-grain leather panels and stamped with sterling silver Tiffany & Co. plaques. It even comes with three logo-bearing balls.

The silver plaques aren’t all for show. Rumour has it they can be used to blind opponents when one-to-many Friday arvo office beers is at risk of threatening your unblemished workplace record.

Depending on where you work, or how nice a guy you are, this probably won’t be fit for Secret Santa purposes. Currently available through the Tiffany & Co. website, the stylish set will set you back a tidy AU$1,250. But: when you consider how swag you’ll look when you whip out these bad boys, they’re practically giving them away…