Going Pro – Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Following a level of secrecy and codenames normally devoted to high-level CIA operations, the long-rumoured PlayStation 4 Pro has finally been revealed to the joy of Sony fanboys the world over.

It offers native 4K support for select games and content, as well as a hefty performance upgrade in the form of x86-64 AMD CPU and 4.2 teraflop AMD Radeon GPU. If those words mean nothing to you then just understand that Sony claim it will be twice as fast as the original PS4. It also boasts a 1TB hard drive and updated graphical features like super-sampling and advanced anti-aliasing.

dualshock 4 wireless controller

As with all previous console generations, PlayStation have also released a slimmer version of the standard PS4, which has already hit the shelves, but the focus is firmly on the PS4 Pro, which will release on November 10. Microsoft’s response, the cryptically titled Project Scorpio, will launch in 2017 and will see a similarly-upgraded Xbox One hit the market and add further fuel to the flames of the ongoing console wars.

The PS4 Pro will set you back $559.95 and won’t hold a candle to a new gaming PC, but right now it’s the most powerful gaming console ever created.

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