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‘65’ is Adam Driver Fighting Dinosaurs With a Futuristic Blaster

What do you get when you combine Star Trek with Jurassic Park? Judging by the trailer, you get 65, the new action flick starring Adam Driver that looks like it might just be the most unexpectedly fun trip to the movies of 2023. And the good news is that we don’t have to wait too long for it either, with the new blockbuster landing in cinemas on March 10.

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65 1

Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

While the Jurassic World movies have progressively defanged their parent franchise, undermining everything that made the original Jurassic Park such a classic, 65 looks like it might just rediscover the mix of terror and wonder that made seeing realistic dinosaurs on screen such an event.

This time around there seems to be a little more focus on the terror side of things – absolutely fine with us – thanks to the presence of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods as co-writers. These guys know a thing or two about building tension, having penned both A Quiet Place instalments, and here they handle directing duties, too.

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Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Further cementing our confidence that 65 will be one worth catching is the presence of Adam Driver (The Last Duel, Marriage Story, that Burberry commercial that invited equine comparisons), who’s a pretty reliable marker of quality in our book – ignoring the Star Wars sequel trilogy, of course, which he did more with than could reasonably be expected anyway. Here Driver plays a pilot from the future, who has a chance encounter with a rogue asteroid that forces his ship to crash, somehow resulting in him fighting for survival on the prehistoric Earth of 65 million years ago. Armed with a futuristic blaster among other high-tech gadgets and weapons, Driver’s character must protect the only other crash survivor (a young girl) from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, and numerous other pointy-toothed beasties.

The fact that horror maestro Sam Raimi is acting as producer for this flick pretty much seals the deal for us in terms of ensuring we’ll be securing a seat when 65 hits cinemas in just three months’ time. Check out the trailer above or via the link below.

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Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment