Catch 22 Trailer with George Clooney Proves Insanity is Rampant

George Clooney is back with a new series on Hulu: Catch 22. Based on Joseph Heller’s celebrated novel of the same name, the series is about a young US Army Air Forces bombardier in World War II named John Yossarian. Yossarian has a bit of a problem with the idea of thousands of people that he has never met trying to kill him, that and a leadership that keeps upping the number of missions he is required to fly to complete his service.

But as the tag line for the show explains, there’s only no way out. If he tries to shirk his duties, then he’ll be in violation of Catch 22, a ruling that explains that only a sane person would have concern for his own safety in the face of danger, which means that because Yossarian wants to be declared insane in order to avoid any more dangerous missions he must, therefore, be sane. Thus he is ineligible to be relieved of duty.

The series has a star-studded cast, with Christopher Abbot playing the protagonist Yossarian. George Clooney plays Scheisskopf, who at first is a Lieutenant, then a Colonel, and finally a General. The cast also includes Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, and a host of others. The series is set to launch May 17, 2019, and will be featured on Hulu in the US, Sky Italia in Italy, Canal+ in France, and Stan in Australia.

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