Foxtel is Launching a Netflix Voice Controlled Remote

If you had one wish to improve your television viewing experience, what would it be?

If you replied, “A channel that shows nothing but repeats of The A-Team 24 hours a day”, then well done, you are correct.

But a good second wish would be “a Foxtel remote that features a Netflix button and is also voice-activated”.

Sadly, the A-Team channel remains a dream. Happily, the magical one-stop Foxtel-Netflix voice remote is very much a reality, as new Foxtel IQ box users discovered last month when the remotes were delivered to their homes, shiny and new and ready to deliver a whole world of sedentary entertainment.

Foxtel has not unrolled its full Netflix functionality as yet, but it looks like subscribers to a combined Foxtel-Netflix service will be able to access the Netflix app onscreen in much the same way as users of Fetch boxes, Apple TVs or smart TVs can now – with Netflix’s determination to achieve world domination gaining it the privilege of a dedicated button.

The voice activation feature is even more exciting, as it could mean the days of finger RSI from channel surfing could be over. And the days of channel-surfing laryngitis could be just beginning.