Freeze! And Watch this Hilarious NZ Police Recruitment Video

Recruitment is tough for everyone, even the New Zealand police department. But their job should be a little easier after they produced a recent recruitment video – which now has over 500,000 views on YouTube.

The video follows numerous officers as they chase through a crowded city in assumed pursuit of criminals, but also stopping along the way to assist civilians with everyday struggles, like crossing the street, or pushing a stalled car. While you follow along for this journey, the officers tell you, through haggard breaths, what it means to be a police officer and how you can join the force and help.

The spot culminates with the first officer you’re introduced to, cornering who they were chasing all along; an adorable pup who has wandered off with someone’s shopping bag. The viewer is then met with the question: Do you care enough to be a cop?

The recruitment video does an excellent job of voicing an important message while massaging in some humor. As well, it highlights the importance of diversity in the force by using a very broad spectrum of officers of different ethnicities.

Check out the video for yourself at the link below or head to to take the first step towards a new career.

Check it out

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