German Big Brother Cast Finally Learns about Coronavirus Live On Air

It reads like a screenplay.

Way back in February the contestants of German ‘Big Brother’ first entered the house and were subjected to a complete media blackout. Since then the Coronavirus has spread across Europe and sent many countries – including Italy and Spain – into a nationwide lockdown. As the contestants, still blissfully ignorant, continued in their everyday routine of sunbathing, assumedly rampant debauchery and the inadvertent spreading of other sexually transmitted viruses – the world outside of the big brother house changed dramatically.

Just last night, the shows’ hosts lifted the proverbial veil. Unsurprisingly, the news left the contestants speechless.

Before now, the only time Big Brother contestants have been told any news from the outside was if there was a serious illness or death from a close family member. With current circumstances, it’s probably fair enough that there was a review of this particular rule.

In true Big Brother spirit, the contestants headed to the hot tub to celebrate their sequestration from all us sickos with a couple of ciggies and a bottle of champers.

Does TV get any better than this?