Jeff Goldblum Explores the World in New Travel Show

Disney’s D23 Expo is a showcase of what you can expect from Disney in the upcoming year. One of the most anticipated announcements is for the new show “The World According to Jeff Goldblum.” The new series will be hosted, as the title so obviously suggests, by actor Jeff Goldblum, and is being produced by National Geographic. The show is set to premier on Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service on November 12.

Goldblum’s travels around the world will be the content of the show. Viewers will be able to follow along as Goldblum explores whatever opportunities come up—from sneakers and jewelry, to ice cream, tattoos, Korean barbecue, square dancing, synchronized swimming and more. “I’m not here to be didactic or professorial in any way,” Goldblum states while sipping from a mug of coffee in a trailer for the show. “I know nothing—that’s the premise. I’m a humble student and, in fact, kind of a late bloomer…a late Gold-bloomer.”

Jeff Goldblum gets his own travel show

National Geographic describes the show as being “eye-opening” while it “asks questions we never knew we had.” Over the course of 12 half hour episodes in the first season, viewers will be treated to Goldblum’s unique and eclectic style and personality. National Geographic’s press release states, “Goldblum takes us on his unconventional ride, tackling experiments, busting myths, and encountering scientific experts to reveal the astounding science that lies right beneath our eyes.” Courteney Monroe, National Geographic Global Networks’ CEO, added, “This series is the perfect platform for Jeff to use his uniquely infectious and approachable charm to take viewers on an unexpected and surprising journey.” Monroe hits the nail on the head—not only will the show satisfy any curiosities you might have, it will also meet your quota of Jeff Goldblum viewing.

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