No Surprise, Louis C.K. Opens New Comedy Special With Masturbation Jokes

Louis C.K. has had a rough couple of years. The comedian went from being one of the most unanimously loved performers in the business with a hit show under his belt, to being an ostracised figurehead embroiled in a series of sexual-misconduct allegations. In 2017, he admitted to masturbating in front of five different women without their consent in what has turned out to be a bizarrely common practice in Hollywood. For Louis C.K. the uphill battle to return to comedy was always going to be a difficult one. No distribution company wanted to touch him, and it seemed his career may have reached completion. But on Saturday night, the disgraced comedian dropped a surprise special Sincerely Louis C.K. on his website, and we’re ashamed to admit, but it’s pretty funny.

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Kicking off in his trademark head-first style, Sincerely Louis C.K. opens exactly how you want a comedy special from a self-confessed sexual deviant to. “How was 2018 and 2019 for you guys?” he asks the audience. “Anybody else get into global amounts of trouble? F*ck that was crazy. Man, I was in a lot of trouble. Wait till they see those pictures of me in blackface. That’s gonna make it a lot worse because there’s a lot of those. There’s thousands of pictures of me in blackface. I can’t stop doing it. I like it. I like how it feels.”

Louis C.K. is obviously joking (it is a comedy special after all) but the fact that there’s still a sense of taboo surrounding him makes the jokes equal part funny, equal part cringe. “I like jerking off, I don’t like being alone, that’s all I can tell you. I get lonely, it’s just sad. I like company. I like to share,” he continues. “I’m good at it, too. If you’re good at juggling, you wouldn’t do it alone in the dark. You’d gather folks and amaze them.” Louis C.K. has always had a way of toeing the line of what is too much, and then subtly dipping over the edge. It’s a schtick that served him well in the past, but a newfound sense of humility also creeps into Sincerely Louis C.K. as the comedian reveals what he learned from the experience.

“I learned how to eat alone in a restaurant with people giving me the finger from across the room,” he says. “When you get in trouble, you learn who your real friends are. People like saying that like it’s a good thing. Who wants to know who their real friends are?  It’s never who you want it to be. It’s not your cool friends and it’s not your fun friends.”

Sincerely Louis C.K 3

When the allegations against C.K. were released back in 2017, the comedian made a public apology stating “There is nothing about this that I forgive myself for, and I have to reconcile it with who I am. Which is nothing compared to the task I left them with.” Two and half years on and we see him back on-stage for the first time. It’s certainly a strange experience watching Sincerely Louis C.K. Almost every joke emits a weird ‘I shouldn’t be laughing’ vibe, but that in turn makes it altogether funnier.

You can watch Sincerely Louis C.K. exclusively via his website, but we must warn you, it gets dark, very quickly.

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