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Netflix Codes

Netflix Codes: Find the Full List of Secret Titles

With an overwhelming amount of streaming content available on Netflix, choosing what to watch has become a challenging task. You’ve all been there, ready to indulge in a TV show or movie, only to be bombarded with countless options the moment you press the Netflix button. Or even worse, the algorithm keeps suggesting the same stuff over and over again. The entire selection process can be paralysing, often pushing you to seek solace in scrolling through social media just to regain composure. Thankfully, Netflix Codes offer a solution to alleviate your viewing dilemmas.

Netflix Codes are a secret weapon, enabling you to swiftly bypass the clutter and discover exactly what category you’re seeking with just a click. Unlike conventional categories, the streaming service has assigned numbers to distinct genres and sub-genres, granting you access to hidden content buried within its vast library. Now, you can effortlessly navigate through their extensive collection like a pro. So if you find yourself in decision paralysis, fret not—we’ve got your back with the full list of every Netflix Code link below. 

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Netflix Codes List by Genre:

Action & Adventure – 1365

Anime – 7424

Children & Family Movies – 783


Classic Movies – 31574

Comedies – 6548

Documentaries – 6839

Dramas – 5763

Foreign movies – 78367

Horror movies – 8711

Independent movies – 7077

LGBTQ – 5977

Music – 1701


Romantic movies – 8883

Sci – Fi & Fantasy – 1492

Sports movies – 4370

TV Show – 83

Teen TV shows – 60951

Thrillers – 8933

What are Netflix Codes?

Netflix’s app and website may not visibly display categories in its user interface, but they do employ a hidden system to classify and organize its content. This system made up of ‘secret codes’, plays a key role in curating personalized movie and series recommendations for users. These codes are not typically seen by users but they can actually be utilized to navigate directly to specific categories on Netflix’s platform.

How to use Netflix Codes?

While we’ve already provided a complete list of links above to easily find different genres, there is a more manual process for those who like to waste time. To explore various genres, simply launch your web browser and enter “” followed by your preferred Netflix ID code at the end of the URL.

Why should you use Netflix Codes?

In the simplest of terms, Netflix Codes offers a convenient way to enhance your movie and TV show selection experience. With thousands of options available on the streaming service, navigating and finding content that aligns with your preferences can be challenging. Moreover, Netflix relies on complex algorithms to recommend shows based on your viewing history, often leading to a repetitive display of the same content in your feed. By using Netflix Codes, you can be more precise in your search and discover something truly satisfying for each binge-watching session.

What is the Netflix Code for AdultsOnly Content?

While Netflix does not have a designated ‘adult-only’ category in its app interface, it does have a hidden system to access more mature content. For instance, to access adults-only content you can employ the secret Netflix code 11781. Just input this code into the search bar, and you’ll unlock access to Netflix’s extensive selection of saucy romance movies.

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How do I use Netflix codes?

To explore various genres, simply launch your web browser and enter “” followed by your preferred ID code at the end of the URL.

Do Netflix codes work in Australia?

Yes. To access Netflix codes in Australia, you need to use your online Netflix account. Just sign in to your Netflix account and enter in the URL. Replace ‘xxxx’ with the number that corresponds to the specific Netflix subcategory you want to explore.