Netflix’s Murder Mystery Trailer Reunites Sandler and Aniston

Having proven a great chemistry between themselves on screen, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are teaming up for another movieNetflix’s Murder Mystery. Scheduled for release on June 14, 2019, Murder Mystery depicts Sandler as a New York City police officer who is finally taking his wife, Aniston, on a European trip. During their flight across the pond, Aniston meets a mysterious man who invites the couple to a party being held on a superyacht owned by an elderly billionaire. As the night progresses, the billionaire is murdered, and Sandler and Aniston are suspected of the act.

The trailer promises to show Sandler back at his old antics, with Aniston playing the straight guy to his clown. Netflix describes the film as a dark comedy that is irreverent, goofy, and exciting. Even if the humour isn’t your particular brand, you’ll no doubt appreciate the incredible scenery as the movie progresses through the Italian countryside.

Murder Mystery is the next in a long line of Netflix films from Sandler, and is the second such film for Aniston. In addition to Sandler and Aniston, the film features Luke Evans, Terence Stamp, Gemma Arterton, and Luis Gerardo Mendez.

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