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New Horror Movie ‘M3GAN’ Features the Creepiest Doll Since ‘Annabelle’

If you thought Chucky was scary, you should prepare yourself for a whole new breed of creepy doll. This little nightmare comes courtesy of the latest trailer for the new horror movie M3GAN, which hits cinemas on January 12. It tells the story of a human-esque robot – the kind you’d imagine Mark Zuckerberg has under development in a lab somewhere – that’s programmed to be a little girl’s best friend. Naturally, when said robot – the title character – is told her goal is to protect the designer’s niece, Cady, from harm, she takes things a little too literally and the bodies start to pile up.

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M3gan 1

Image: Universal Pictures

M3GAN comes from a story by James Wan (Saw, Fast & Furious 7, Aquaman) and looks every bit as creepy as you’d expect her to when you consider Wan’s the guy who gave us Bathsheba from The Conjuring and the Old Woman from Insidious.

Things really escalate when the doll witnesses Cady being bullied by a young boy and she goes into full attack mode, chasing him down in ghoulish fashion – why is there something so inherently creepy about a human (or in this case humanoid) that chases down its prey on all fours? As M3GAN says to him, “You should probably run.” Yeah, good advice.

M3gan 3

Playing thumb wars with robots is how thumbs get amputated, kids. | Image: Universal Pictures

Cady is portrayed by Violet McGraw, who we recently saw in Black Widow, while her aunt’s shoes are filled by Get Out’s Allison Williams. We also get a glimpse of an appearance from honorary Australian Ronnie Cheng – always a welcome presence – and kudos must go to young Amie Donald, who takes on the role of M3GAN. Yes, there’s an actual child underneath that terrifying visage.

Despite Cady being the most irritatingly Americanised substitute for the name Katie we’ve ever heard, this looks like it might be quite a lot of fun. M3GAN will land in cinemas on January 12. Check out the trailer above or via the link below.

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M3gan 2

That’s just rude – even robots like pizza. | Image: Universal Pictures