‘No Time to Die’ Poster is Making 007 Fans Furious

In this modern world, if there is one thing worth getting incandescently angry about, it’s movie posters.

Wait, no, that doesn’t sound right. Surely movie posters rank fairly low on the list of Important Global Issues, right between the ratings for The Block and the shade of Kate Middleton’s nail polish.

But there are a lot of film fans out there who clearly disagree. And they are, as angry film fans tend to be, pretty loud.

What they’re objecting to is the teaser poster for No Time To Die, the upcoming James Bond flick that will be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Bond. And looking at the poster, it’s easy to see why they’re so…I mean, you can certainly understand why some people have an issue with…there’s no doubt it raises some serious…if you quint maybe you’ll spot the…


OK, fine. We give up. There doesn’t seem to be anything objectionable about this poster at all. If one really wanted to criticise it, I suppose one could say that it’s been designed to ensure that there’s nothing to criticise. It’s literally just James Bond standing in front of a wall, and the title of the movie.

But to some Bondiacs, it’s so much more. To them, this poster is the signal for the coming of some kind of martini-flavoured apocalypse. The anger over the poster is both passionate and completely inexplicable. From saying Bond looks like he’s exiting a brothel, to suggesting Craig looks suicidal, to harking back to some mythical age of perfect movie posters that can tragically never be recaptured, the fans have gone proper mental.

Luckily, there’s only six months or so till the movie itself comes out, and then everything will calm down, as fans rarely make much of a fuss over whether a movie is good or bad.