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The World’s Most Terrifying Reality TV Show ‘Alone’ Has Began Casting in Australia

Another hit reality TV show is heading down under, and it could be worth the watch for once. Earlier in the week, SBS announced it had secured the exclusive rights to an Australian version of Alone, an international sensation. The survivalist-style program has captivated audiences with the incredible grit displayed by those who compete. And now, Aussies are going to be tested against our rugged landscape. Currently casting for 2023, it’s hard to believe anyone would volunteer to face Australia’s fierce climate and creatures. Then again, people still go on Married at First Sight.

Image: SBS

The show’s long-running success revolves around placing ten individuals in separate parts of the wilderness, with nothing more than ten items from an approved list and a camera to capture their journey. There, they’ll have to face the “merciless forces of nature, hunger and the toughest challenge of all: Loneliness.”. If you’ve seen the 2007 movie, Into the Wild, it’s the same thing, except the person who survives the longest receives US$500,000.

Unlike similar TV franchises, the comfort of a camera crew or group of producers doesn’t exist. These outdoor extremists will have to navigate their new world completely solo, and that even includes documenting the wild ride themselves. As real as it gets, Alone makes SAS Australia and Survivor look like a yoga retreat in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. From a TV Studio’s perspective, it’s also much cheaper. Encompassing minimal overhead and production costs, simply throw a bunch of Tarzan wannabes in the middle of nowhere and watch the ratings soar. Brilliant.

“Alone is the most successful factual franchise in the history of SBS On Demand, and Alone Australia will see 10 Australians dropped in remote wilderness, where they’ll be challenged by the merciless forces of nature and hunger as they compete for a life-changing prize”, SBS released in a statement.

“The program will feature the most diverse cast of self-reliance experts yet as they brave the elements and fight to stay alive on their own terms, with nothing but what they carry in on their backs.”

“Their mission; to live alone in the wild, for as long as they can, documenting their journey every step of the way.”

Now, before convincing yourself abseiling at school camp qualifies you to enter the wilderness, SBS asked potential contestants to consider the following questions on their casting call:

  • Are you a TRUE survivor in the practical sense of the word?
  • Is self-reliance a way of life for you?
  • Do you consider yourself a skilled survivalist?
  • Do you have the stamina to sustain yourself for weeks on end in a harsh environment with no contact from the outside world?

“No matter what you label yourself – an adventurist, bush crafter, expert hunter, fisher, forager, self-reliance expert, prepper, or survivalist. No matter which traditions your knowledge, methods, and skills derive from,” the casting call adds.

“If you have what it takes to keep yourself alive with only basic tools and equipment and if you’re ready to put yourself to the test in the survival challenge of a lifetime… we want to hear from you!”

SBS Head of Documentaries Joseph Maxwell told The Guardian a location for the first season has yet to be confirmed. However, with filming kicking off in June of 22, he revealed scouts are looking for ideal colder regions.

Alone Australia is scheduled to air in 2023. SBS is currently taking applications from local residents aged 18 years and above.

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