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Alone australia season 2

‘Alone Australia’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer Revealed

New land, new challenges. After skyrocketing to success in 2023, SBS’s Alone Australia is returning for season two, promising more of the same heart-pounding survival drama. Dropped into the unforgiving wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island, Alone Australia season two will see a brand new bunch of survivalists battle the elements, overcome physical limitations, and endure psychological pressures in the “ultimate test of human will.”

The Aussie survival reality TV series is based on the American version of Alone, following the self-documented daily struggles of 10 individuals as they survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible using only limited survival equipment. Season one of Alone Australia, set in the remote Tasmanian wilderness, saw Gina Chick take home AUD$250,000 after surviving a gruelling 67-day solo. This not only made her the inaugural winner of the Australian version but also only the second female and oldest contestant in the series’ global history to win.

Now, Alone Australia season two is set to throw a whole new batch of 10 participants into the unforgiving wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island, all vying for ultimate survival. With the premiere coming up soon, here’s everything you need to know about Alone Australia season two’s cast, release date, plot, and trailer.

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Alone Australia Season 2 Release Date

SBS’s Alone Australia season two is set to air on March 27 at 7:30 pm (local time), on SBS and SBS On Demand. The new season will be a tad shorter than the first, with only 10 new episodes instead of 12. For season two, participants will be dropped into the extreme and wild terrain of New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu), “completely isolated from the world and each other, stripped of modern possessions, contact and comforts, to self-document their experience” to become the last person surviving.

The new season will even feature signature factoids that’ll “offer technical, historical, or scientific insights, as well as this season providing cultural knowledge of Māori practices, focusing on the traditions, language and beliefs of Ngāi Tahu, the iwi, or tribe of the local area.”

Additionally, starting two days after the season two premiere, viewers will be able to “dive deeper” into each new episode with SBS Audio’s companion podcast, Alone Australia: The Podcast. Hosted by season one winner Gina Chick and SBS presenter Darren Mara, the podcast will “debrief each episode”, analysing every “success, mistake, near-miss, and lesson learnt with special guests including season two cast members, season one alumni, series creators, and well-known fans of the show.”

Sharing a bit about season two of Alone Australia, ITV Studios Australia’s Chief Content Officer, Beth Hart in a press release, said, “The success of Alone Australia has been extraordinary. Australian audiences have completely resonated with this very human survival experience, amplified by the sheer isolation and unknown wilderness. This year we have upped the ante. ITV Studios Australia is truly excited for season two to be unveiled, as this year’s participants face the fiercest challenge yet in the breathtaking but brutal South Island of New Zealand. The nail-biting stories, 10 new survivalists, and extreme conditions will not disappoint!”

Meet the Cast

Determined to win the ultimate cash prize and claim the title of ultimate survivor, Alone Australia season two will feature a brand new cast of 10 Aussie survivalists, each with their unique approach, skills, and abilities. From police officers to defence force combat engineers, this diverse group brings varied experiences to the competition. Here’s a closer look at the cast of Alone Australia season two.

1. Andreas

  • Age: 42
  • Occupation: Personal trainer and subsistence hunter
  • Home state: NSW

The first of the 10 new survivalists is Andreas, a Swedish-Aussie “subsistence hunter” and elite personal trainer by day. The 42-year-old former model spent years becoming an expert bow hunter, dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. He procures over 90 per cent of his and his partner’s protein through wild hunting and fishing, butchering, processing, and storing all parts of the animals for their household food supply.

As per the official description, “Having grown up in Sweden, he is no stranger to cold weather, but the punishing rain and humidity of a cold rainforest environment is going to present a whole new challenge.” While talking about the competition, in an official statement, Andres said, “I’m confident my body can handle this. I have tested myself in the past, but there’s a big difference between holding your breath for four minutes versus staying out in the bush for three months…”

2. Chace

  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Defence force combat engineer
  • Home state: QLD

Next up is the youngest cast member, Chace, the “baby-faced” reconnaissance soldier and combat engineer. He blends his family’s outdoor experience with his military training, honing his skills daily while surveying unknown environments. This experience has shaped his tactical mind and adaptability, making him a confident big game hunter with early expertise in using a recurve bow.

“Being alone is a dream come true. Growing up, I didn’t watch Bob the Builder… I’d be out trying to hunt grandpa’s rabbits. I’ve literally been hunting my whole life and I’ve been outdoors since before I can remember,” Chace said in a statement.

3. Jack

  • Age: 55
  • Occupation: Tradesman and wild game hunter
  • Home state: NSW

Jack, a Chilean-Aussie tradesman and proud dad, finally trades diapers for dirt on his solo adventure. After fatherhood’s joys, the 55-year-old itches to test his lifelong skills against the wild beauty of nature. His childhood move ignited a passion for hunting and fishing, now pursued with his loyal German Shorthaired Pointer, Lea. Beyond survival, Jack brings a creative spark, eager to capture this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” through photography and videography, documenting his journey into the heart of undisturbed nature.

“I hunt and fish to feed my family. I have been asked if I’m afraid of being out in the bush alone with all the scary things out there… My answer? I am the scary thing,” said the 55-year-old in an official statement.

4. Jason

  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Youth worker
  • Home state: NSW

Born under the vast Outback sky, Jason, a proud Yanyuwa, Waanyi/Garawa man and community leader, is a strongly connected and respected leader. Alongside his roles as a youth worker and former rugby player and coach, he’s dedicated his life to supporting others. Growing up, he treasured the moments camping, hunting, and fishing with his father, forging a deep bond with his culture and the land. Embracing traditional practices from his mother’s community in Borroloola, NT, Jason seamlessly blends modern and traditional methods.

Now settled in regional NSW with his family and beloved dogs, his journey has taken him across the vast and varied landscapes of Australia, from the fiery red deserts to the breathtaking alpine highlands. “I’m an adventurous spirit. There’s no room to hide in a challenge like this; the only person to blame is yourself if something goes wrong. This is the ultimate challenge a human can experience,” said Jason.

5. Krzysztof

  • Age: 39
  • Occupation: Aquaculturalist
  • Home state: VIC

Krzysztof, an aquaculturist and jack-of-all-trades (stone, metal, leatherwork, even medieval combat!), carries a legacy of resilience inherited from his Polish refugee family. His self-sufficient home, built through painstaking research and DIY projects, exemplifies his resourcefulness. Combining his knowledge of fish behaviour with expert recurve bowhunting skills, Krzysztof craves to test his mettle on the South Island.

As per Krzysztof, “My strongest trait is going to be my stubbornness: I’m going to sit in the cold, I’m going to sit in the rain, I’m going to push through this. I’m going to wait until my loved one taps me on the shoulder and tells me I’ve won.”

6. Leanne

  • Age: 41
  • Occupation: World Heritage Aboriginal programs officer
  • Home state: VIC

Leanne is no stranger to the rugged beauty of her ancestral Barkandji lands. Raised amid the rich tapestry of the bush, she absorbed the ways of her ancestors through fishing expeditions and foraging escapades with her family. Now, she safeguards ancient stories as a World Heritage officer. After years dedicated to motherhood, Leanne now feels a strong pull to reconnect with her roots and find clarity about her future.

Winning a prize would mean more than just money—it could unlock a piece of her traditional land, a dream she’s long held dear. While the arid outback is her comfort zone, the lush and demanding rainforest awaits, ready to test her mettle in a whole new way. “I’ve spent my whole life going out bush. Growing up on Country you learn to be self-reliant. Learning to read Country, animals and the way they move helps you hunt them. I know a bit… and using all of that will get me through this,” says Leanne.

7. Mike

  • Age: 60
  • Occupation: Resilience Coach
  • Home state: NSW

At 60, Mike might be the oldest competitor, but don’t let the grey hairs fool you. This former Waratahs player swapped the cheering crowds for the quiet wilderness and now runs outdoor resilience programs, training boys, men, and even elite athletes. A father of three, Mike doesn’t just talk survival, he lives it, taking “regular ‘reconnection time’ to immerse himself in nature and live self-sustainably off the land.”  

Alone Australia season two isn’t just a competition for him; it’s a chance to test the skills he’s honed over decades, prove his philosophy of resilience, and maybe even inspire his kids by winning. “I’m really confident I’ve got what it takes to win. The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my superpower. Testing myself and finding my limits is all part of resilience training and I live a life where I practice what I preach,” said Mike.

8. Rick

  • Age: 58
  • Occupation: Survival educator and former SAS soldier
  • Home state: QLD

Rick’s survival skills are honed from real-world experience. From teenage recruit to SAS soldier, he mastered the art of living off the land in the harshest environments. Now, he’s traded combat boots for hiking boots, guiding families on wild adventures and fostering connections through his survival school. Beyond practical skills, Rick shares his passion for ethnobotany (“the connection between native plants and their Indigenous cultural uses”) and traditional knowledge on his popular TikTok channel.

“I have a goal of doing epic stuff in my life every year. I may have a few years under my belt, but when it comes to a commitment to keep pushing boundaries, I’m just getting started. This will be the ultimate opportunity to put experience and knowledge to the test!” said Rick.

9. Suzan

  • Age: 54
  • Occupation: Wilderness adventure guide
  • Home state: VIC

Suzan, a nature enthusiast since childhood, has embraced the off-grid life for decades with her husband and two dogs. Harvesting the land’s bounty, she’s honed her skills in hunting, gathering, and shelter-making. This deep connection with nature fuels her desire to explore its limits on Alone Australia. Beyond survival, Suzan guides wilderness adventures, facilitates “deep wilding” experiences, and even directed and featured in her documentary own film, ‘Suzy and the Simple Man‘, exploring our connection to the natural world.

While she might not have the physical strength of others, Suzan is determined to prove older women have the life experience, patience, and wisdom to survive and thrive beyond expectation. Can she adapt her unique skillset and deep nature connection to conquer the island’s challenges? “I want to showcase my 40-plus years of survival skills and show that an older woman can use wisdom and experience to compensate for declining physical strength.”

10. Tamika

  • Age: 51
  • Occupation: Off-gridder and former police officer
  • Home state: QLD

Tamika’s got a life story wilder than most reality shows! Growing up, she learned to hunt, fish, and camp with her bushman dad. Now, she’s been living off-grid for 10 years, putting her 20 years of permaculture and plant doctor skills to the test. But Tamika’s not just a nature girl, she’s been a champion archer, a cop, a scuba instructor, and even a tattoo artist! Now, as a vegan chef and book author, she’s facing her biggest challenge yet: surviving in Alone Australia season two while respecting her vegan principles.

Can she adapt her crazy skillset and deep love for nature to conquer the island without breaking her meat-free vow? “The motivation to survive in the wilderness comes from a feeling I have every day. It’s the inspiration from nature. It’s a yearning to find out what’s around the corner… I’m hoping I can inspire other people to just love the earth as much as I do,” said Tamika.

'Alone Australia' season 2 cast | Image: SBS Australia
‘Alone Australia’ season 2 cast | Image: SBS Australia

Check Out the Plot

The plot of Alone Australia season two remains largely the same as the first: be the last one standing by documenting your adventure and outsurviving everyone else. However, the second season will take place in a new location: New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu), where 10 new Aussie survivalists will self-document their struggles, triumphs, and daily survival as they face dehydration, starvation, relentless rain, snow, freezing subantarctic fronts, Roaring Forties winds, and the always imminent threat of tree avalanches, earthquakes, and landslides.

As per SBS, “These are just some of the hurdles they face in their mission to outlast everyone else. With no camera crews or help from the production team, they must fend for themselves, sourcing food, water, shelter, and warmth using only their wits, 10 carefully selected survival items, and the natural resources at hand. For the first time on Alone Australia, participants are permitted to hunt with bow and arrow. With wild pig, possum, tahr and red deer for the take, this raises the stakes and the intensity in their quest for sustenance and survival.”

Watch the Trailer

Yes, there’s a trailer for Alone Australia season two, and it teases the breathtaking and brutal New Zealand’s South Island, where the 10 new survivalists face “the ultimate test of human will.” The trailer, just over a minute long, shows the contestants sharing their survival plans and how they aim to outlast others. In the unpredictable wild, anything can go wrong at any time, forcing them to adapt and improvise in ways they never imagined. Packed with survival drama, the trailer ends with a tense cliffhanger: a contestant suffering chest pain, and a crew ship approaching their location as someone on the radio says, “He’s not answering the SAT phone.”

Where to Watch Alone Australia Season 2

If you’re craving a new dose of drama and outdoor challenges, then mark your calendars for March 27 at 7:30 PM (your local time), because the first episode of Alone Australia season two premieres! The upcoming epic 10-part series will be airing on SBS and streaming on SBS on Demand, where it will be available to watch after it airs. While you wait, catch up with season one of Alone Australia on SBS and SBS on Demand.

Your FAQs Answered

What is the Alone Australia Season 2 release date?

The first episode of Alone Australia Season 2 is slated to release on March 27 at 7:30 PM (local time).

How many episodes will Alone Australia Season 2 have?

Alone Australia Season 2 will be a bit shorter than the first, with only 10 new episodes instead of 12.

Who are the new cast for Alone Australia Season 2?

Alone Australia Season 2 will feature a brand-new cast of 10 survivalists, including Rick, Mike, Leanne, Chace, Suzan, Tamika, Krzysztof, Andreas, Jack, and Jason.

Is there a trailer for Alone Australia Season 2?

Yes, there is a trailer for Alone Australia Season 2. You can check out the trailer below.

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