Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading Makes Things Stranger

Bad Lip Reading’s Stranger Things video actually makes sense, oddly enough. Sometimes these videos, while funny, don’t actually tell a story so much as make humorous observations. This iteration actually plays out as a story—with a little patience and an open mind. There are still plenty of the humorous observations, but there seems to be some cohesion between the scenes. This video portrays a strange conversation around the dinner table, a rehearsal for a play, and discussions of music tastes.

Viewers have to wonder how long it must take to put videos like this together. You also have to wonder if there are recreational activities going on while watching videos and trying to read lips.

The video’s humour really shines through in the awkwardness of the dialogue and the seriousness of the situations that are being portrayed by the video. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, these bad lip readings make it even stranger, but perhaps even more fun.

Check it out

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