True Detective Season 3 Learns from its Mistakes

True Detective Season 3 looks to be following in the tracks of season 1—the season that saw True Detective become a popular show. Season 2’s drop in ratings seemed to signal the demise of the show, but HBO decided to gamble on another season. Perhaps what might be the best thing that HBO got right for Season 3 was casting Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali in the role of Wayne Hays, a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas who will be investigating missing children in Southern Missouri, a case that take him back to his own past and family. This investigation will pull Hays into the orbit of Roland West, played by Stephen Dorf, who is an Arkansas State Investigator whose life and career have been dominated by the disappearances. The story will cover three separate time periods, traveling through decades. The project was a monumental task, with two scripts being written before the show was greenlit. The show was written by show creator Nic Pizzolatto, with the help of David Milch, who created Deadwood.

It’s been three years since Season 2 was finalized, but only a few months are left before the January 2019 airing date. The question to be answered is whether True Detective can move past its second season and reclaim some of the first season magic—so far, things look promising.

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