Watch Game of Thrones Full-Length Final Series Trailer

When it comes to making television shows that make you obsess, cry, lose sleep and glue you to your couch for three days straight without so much as leaving the house to get cat food (sorry, Mittens), HBO knows that they’re the best in the biz. And when you know that you’re the best at something, you can get … well … a little cocky.

Which is probably why HBO has an infuriating penchant to leave fans in the lurch for as long as possible before dropping trailers for new seasons of anything.

Game of Thrones, however, definitely takes the cake. Though, for eleven years, people have been DYING to know how this bloody (literally) saga ends, HBO is hell-bent on making viewers wait until the very last episode, releasing little more than a few snippets of film hidden in broader trailers advertising other shows. Until now.

Finally, an ACTUAL trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Now, that’s not to say it tells us anything meaningful, because it definitely doesn’t, but HBO knows that by feeding us crumbs, we’ll just be more intrigued as to how this long and drawn out process is going to end.

First show of the two-minute clip shows us the adorable but could-kill-you-in-a-second Arya Stark, who, whilst brandishing a sword in a room where it looks to dark to make such an activity safe, says: “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

Spooky, though hardly enlightening, much like the rest of the clip. The eighth and final season of GoT is set to hit HBO on April 14th.

Until then, fans, much like their heartthrob Jon Snow, know nothing.