Watch the Jason Bourne TV Show Trailer

Jesus Christ, it’s a Jason Bourne (spinoff) TV show.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the original Bourne trilogy wrapped and it’s clear that studios have been itching to revamp the universe. The latest attempt, Treadstone, finds its home on the small screen, and doesn’t follow Jason Bourne.

The new show follows the members of Operation Treadstone, a CIA covert program, from their origins to a present day. As you’d know from the original series, Operation Treadstone isn’t your run of the mill undercover agent program. All agents have undergone a behaviour modification protocol that has led them to forget their past entirely and has transformed them into highly skilled assassins.

The first season will follow these deadly sleeper agents across the globe as they are ‘awoken’ to resume their missions.

Featuring a terrifically diverse range of breakout actors, you can be sure that Treadstone is going to be a plot-driven, action-packed rollercoaster ride with more car chases, fistfights and shootouts than you can poke a stick at. Jeremy Irvine and Han Hyo-Joo look to be the key protagonists of the show, with Emilia Schüle portraying Russian KGB agent.

Produced by the USA Network, Treadstone will likely be released later this year on Amazon Prime.