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Angus Cloud in 'Your Lucky Day' (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment

‘Your Lucky Day’ Trailer: First Look at Angus Cloud’s Posthumous Performance

The first trailer for Your Lucky Day, one of three posthumous titles to feature late actor Angus Cloud, has officially debuted. The film, which is slated to release on November 10, marks the first time fans have seen new content from Cloud since the actor’s untimely death on July 31. In the film, the Euphoria star plays a drug dealer who holds a convenience store hostage on Christmas Eve after witnessing a customer win a $156 million lottery ticket.

Jessica Garza in 'Your Lucky Day' (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment
Jessica Garza in ‘Your Lucky Day’ (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment

In the trailer, Cloud’s enterprising anti-hero, Sterling, is caught between morality and success, desperate to make his way to greener pastures. When an older man hits the jackpot directly in front of him, Sterling sees, quite literally, his ticket out of poverty. Chasing ‘The American Dream’, Sterling makes the snap decision to hold up the store and broker a deal to split the pool.

In addition to being one of the final projects Cloud worked on before his death, Your Lucky Day also signifies the directorial debut of Daniel Brown, with the film based on a 2010 short of the same name. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brown revealed that he first took note of Cloud after binge-watching the actor’s performance on the hit HBO series Euphoria.

Angus Cloud in 'Your Lucky Day' (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment
Angus Cloud in ‘Your Lucky Day’ (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment

In the early stages, he was hesitant to suggest Cloud for the role, based on the similarities between his Euphoria character Fezco and Sterling. To Brown’s surprise, however, Cloud jumped at the chance to work on the project

“I had written the character based on people I had grown up with: guys who sold drugs and would start fights with frat boys or their stepdads, but who were also super protective and loyal to their friends,” Brown told Entertainment Weekly. ” stories and outlook were so right on for the character, I just had to go for it.”

For fans of Cloud, the debut of the trailer is a bittersweet return. Cloud was an instrumental part of the success of Euphoria, helping to give the Sam Levinson high school drama series some much-needed heart. His death in July from an accidental overdose sent shockwaves through the film and television industry, prompting an outpouring of tributes from friends, colleagues and fans.

'Your Lucky Day' (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment
‘Your Lucky Day’ (2023) | Image: Well Go USA Entertainment

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cloud completed three as-yet unreleased film projects before his death, including a Radio Silence horror thriller originally titled Dracula’s Daughter and a coming-of-age drama set in the late 1980s.

Your Lucky Day stars Angus Cloud, Jessica Garza, Elliot Knight and Mousa Hussein Kraish, with production duties handled by Luke Barnett and Adam Baxter. The heist drama is scheduled to be released theatrically by Well Go USA Entertainment on November 10, 2023. You can watch the first trailer for the film above.